Raccoon nesting in palm


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Raccoon nesting in palm

Warm and humid South Florida.

I have a palm and I know a family of raccoon is up there.

Every day one or two big raccoons - I am guessing around 40-50 pounds in weight - come down from the palm and walk around my yard and poop all over the grass and dug up holes all around. I don't know if there are any babies up there.

I have purchased from the internet pest control stores these Coyote urine granules and sprinkled it around the tree and the perimeter of my yard, hoping they would move away, no luck.

Any suggestions besides trapping them?

I could cut away the palm fronds and that may take away it's nest. But I am concerned if the landscapers come and use a bucket truck or a pole trimmer they might cut into the animals and cause a mess especially if there are babies.
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If you see raccoons, walking around in daylight, there is something wrong with them. I forget what it's called. You have the right to trap them or kill them.
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Just because they are out in the day, doesn't necessarily indicate anything wrong.
Raccoon Outside in the Daytime - Is it Rabid or Dangerous?

I'd call a removal specialist...they should be listed in the yellow pages. The link also has listings, but I'd do some independent research.
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I have noticed it for a while.

It comes down mostly around 5 or 6 in the afternoon. The palm is in the front of the house, the back of the house is against a lake. I am guessing that's where the raccoon goes to get a drink. Along the way it uses my yard as a toilet and dug holes everywhere. It probably comes out during the nights too.

I am wondering if I hire a landscape company to come cut all the dead fronds off the palm, and warn them there is a raccoon (or more) up there, would they do it, and if the raccoon leaves, would it end up somewhere close by another palm and still come back to my backyard to litter because it has already made a habit of it?

I have some 4' wide sheet metal around, I have seen people wrap those around trees and palms to repel squirrels would that work for raccoons? If I try that do I wait till the raccoon is down the palm and away then go attach it so it can't go back up or do I just attach it and it will have no problem coming down but can't get back up there?

I am also looking at those ultrasonic repellents, any experience with those?

Animal trapper would be another option, I will make some calls to see what they say.
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A 'coon will always be able to get down but the sheet metal should prevent him from being able to get back up. Not sure any of those ultra sonic devices work anywhere other than on late night TV.
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Forget the ultrasonic devices; if they worked the pest control industry would be using them in conjunction with other treatments.

Raccoons are strong and very defensive to the point of getting aggressive. They also carry rabies and other diseases in their fecal material. I doubt that tree trimmers would want to work in that palm.

Trapping is the only thing that I come up with. The urines of coyotes, fox, bobcat and such may have an effect the first day, but animals quickly realized that the scent is getting weaker every day which means the threat is not present anymore. I wish I had a better solution to offer.

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