Racoon taking a dump on my patio...


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Racoon taking a dump on my patio...


I don't know for sure that this is from a racoon, but at the end of the winter I noticed a huge pile of dung on the base of my outdoor sunshade. I thought it would only come during the winter, but after a cleanup, I saw that it/they (?) came back.

I assume it is racoon because there are quite a few on our area, but it could as well be a groundhog or another animal of that family. I also saw under our stairs another pile of dung that looked like blackberries... so there are definitely different critters around.

See attached picture. What is the best way to let him know to go take his dumps elsewhere since he seems to be comfortable coming back..

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I don't think most animals care for mothballs.
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Mothballs might work...but they evaporate very fast outside. If you have any hunting type stores, gun stores, large general merch type stores that sell hunting equipment...fox or coyote urine would probably work. Just about any predator scent product. You'd be surprised how many places sell something like that. Tractor Supply, Walmart, Home Depot, most feed stores down here do. I'll bet Canadian Tire carries it.

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