rabid racoon ?


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rabid racoon ?

Went to my son's place to help him with some work when he spotted a 'coon in the yard. It didn't look right and didn't scare off, plus it's not normal to see one out during the day. I told him we ought to shoot it. He called animal control, they were closed and had a recording referring you to the sheriff dept. They said call animal control ..... so we shot the 'coon and disposed of the body.

What are the symptoms of rabies in raccoons? It was slow and unsteady on it's feet. It seemed almost oblivious to us. I used a shovel to guide it away from my truck and it turned, hissed and fell over.
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Sure sounds like it had rabies. They usually run away real fast just when they see you. I think the confusion is one of the symptoms and the hissing too. I think better safe than sorry. Not nice for the raccoon, either.
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You did the right thing,___________________________________
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This year has a nationwide outbreak of racoon distemper.

Also you want to keep dogs on a leash...
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In my opinion, you did the right thing. Most any evening or early morning I'll see at least one, usually more, often when the motion light comes on when I go out the door, and almost always when the headlights sweep the yard on the way in or out. I don't know what they're after because they never get into our trash or anything like that so as long as they don't bother me I don't fret much over them. But I don't think I have ever seen one that looked healthy out during the day, and I just don't trust them like that, so generally take them out of any misery they might be in.
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They always hiss if they feel being threatened, and they are one of most disease carrying critters around. Their droppings also have large amounts of bad juju for pets and people. Their cute but filthy critters.
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It was Definitely not right. You likely did it a favor by putting it out.
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Yep, sounds about right for rabies. Unafraid, unsteady, etc. Surprised though...most times they will want the body (if head intact) to check for rabies. Most state wildlife departments keep track of that stuff. Oh, that's right...they were closed....sheriff no help. Prob too late to refrigerate just the head?
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The falling over sounds like it might be a Zombie-like raccoons. Been several stories and the articles compare symptoms between that and rabies.

Google "Zombie-like" raccoons"

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I don't know if it had rabies or distemper ..... but I do know it's dead. I think more surprising than seeing it in the daytime was the fact that it couldn't be scared off. I threw rocks at it 3 times and while my aim wasn't great the rocks bounced close enough for it to turn it's head in recognition of the rock but that was it.

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