Best ways to deal with rodent inside house


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Best ways to deal with rodent inside house

The past 3 days I have a rodent above my kitchen ceiling and I don't think it is a mouse. In the past mice will come don't to my kitchen and I always catch them with a mouse trap. This new rodent seems to stay in the area above the ceiling. I live in the northeast. This is a two story house. In the past 20 years I had only two roof rats but they always came down to the kitchen for food so I was able to trap them with rat bait. This new rodent has shown no evidence venturing down in the kitchen. I am able to bang the ceiling and hear it move. Sounds like only one rodent, no more evidence of others. Size??? I am guessing several possibilities, a very large mouse, a rat, a squirrel or even a weasel. Has to be one of those. Anyways, any ideas how to go about getting rid of it before I call an exterminator. I can't figure out how it entered the house, though possible spots as it is a large house. Unfortunately, no ceiling access, only access is small crack in corner near chimney and recessed lights probably could be accessed above kitchen sink. I probably could put some bait up there, but obvious disadvantages to that, too small for a trap unless I cut a hole in the side wall near the recessed ceiling lights. I did kill the two rats with d-con in peanut butter cups many years ago, lucky no major odor afterwards. Any information appreciated. Never used an exterminator, but this may be first time.
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This time it could be a squirrel which could explain why it won't look for food inside the house as previous rodents did. It may simply be living in the ceiling voids while venturing outside for its traditional food.

You've probably done this already, but have you walked the exterior perimeter and looked at the exterior of the kitchen, not just down low but up higher where vents/ducts may exit? Also look higher at the roof and soffit for openings.

Is there an attic that is accessible? I realize that the attic, if there is one, is one floor above the noise but there still may be clues or evidence up there.
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I checked outside near the kitchen area and I also check the cellar and I noticed some sunflower seeds near the chimney in the cellar, suggesting a squirrel MAY be entering from the cellar and up the side wall of the cellar to the area above the kitchen ceiling as chimney runs right through there. So I plan to put a live trap in the cellar to see if I can trap the rodent. Worth a try. I did not see any major openings above ground but cellar area in one section has possible small openings in back. So we shall see.
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Chimneys and plumbing vent pipes often provide up and down access to many parts of the house. For both energy conservation and roadblocks for rodents those pathways should have metal flashing sealing them off.

I've had squirrels and mine were suckers for apples. Placing a few wedges in a few places, no trap yet, to see if they take the bait. If they do you then know where to set a cage trap.

If you can take pictures of the exterior of the house we can perhaps spot a potential access spot.

The trail cameras can also be used to monitor suspected travel areas. Current snow with more coming can show outside movement.

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