intex pool collapsed...... groundhog tunnel?

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intex pool collapsed...... groundhog tunnel?

My question is this a groundhog or other? and how to repair/ prevent them from coming back ( I'm outside of Boston, MA)

Have 14 foot intex pool,
Yesterday a sink hole appeared in the pool liner and it caused a leak( due to the sink hole tearing the liner not due to a claw)
I empty the water and take a shovel to the hole ( figured it was chipmunks which we have many) and ready to fill it in
Lo and behold shovel sinks in to a large hole and labryinth. about 3-4 ft wide at least and and 10ish inches high. I can see a tunnel heading straight down and a little one to the right and left.
Not a mole i suspect, not chipmunks ( too large/ high the tunner)
Groundhog I suspect but....... I've never seen one.... ever in 8 years( i'm very outdoorsy and know my land but I could also just never had the luck to see them) I've never seen any sort of sign like a mound or exit or them sunning (granted they might be in the treeline back against the conservation area )

Either way .. what are my potential next steps since I cant find the exit / burrow?
I hit them with firecrackers and 4 smoke bombs and covered it.
Anything else? I figure to fill in the labryinth with soil as best I can and re lay the pool on top
It might be an old hole because the amount of dirt to excavate was at least 6 cubic ft for that labyrinth and I have never seen that amount of soil or even a little anywhere within 50 feet

PS last year we found a depression in the same general area assumed it was chipmunks and just filled the area in.

I can post the a pic of the labrythinth in a bit.. I am pretty impressed, my foot fell into it while shoveling....

PPS cue the caddyshack references
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I'm wondering if it's an old burrow system that's opened up. When I was trapping, if the homeowners hadn't seen the animal but found a hole, I'd stuff the hole with balled up newspaper. Much easier than filling with dirt. Make the newspaper ball tight enough so that wind won't suck it out. If the hole is reopened, then it's active. Groundhogs will leave some fresh dirt at the hole opening after making a fresh hole. Not seeing fresh dirt also leads me to think it's an old hole, but time will tell.

The smoke bombs are good though sometimes the ground hog can make a barrier between himself and the smoke.

It's not unusual for a new ground hog to move into the area, make a hole, then get hit by a car.

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