DIY Excluder trap for rats


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DIY Excluder trap for rats

So for the past month or so we have been dealing with few rats in our attic. Crime of opportunity, even though we are OCD about keeping yard clean, we did have two trees growing along the roofline, which gave them easy access to the roof. They entered thru the exhaust fan vent, which for some reason had 4-6 gaps around the hose, leading straight into the attic. First pest control attempt with bait boxes and poison failed. These guys just put few boxes on the attic, never inspected the property. Then we called a professional wildlife trapper, he found the gap around the exhaust hose and sealed all pipes on the roof. Currently every single gap and opening is sealed. His advice yesterday was to call first pest control company and tell them to remove all 8 bait stations since rats dying inside attic insulation would be horrendous to remove. We did, they came in an hour and took boxes away. Wildlife guy set two old fashioned snap traps with peanut butter, and told us to check and rebait daily.
Well, last night was a disaster. When our rat ( or maybe two) realized his entrance was closed, he entered the walls and climbed down to the baseboards, causing incredible noise. It lasted for hours. We had to take mattress off and go sleep in the other room. This morning i still hear it up there trying to get out.
I called the trapper asking for an exclusion trap, but he insists on snap traps for time being. In my mind excluder would work just fine. They want out, we want them out. My husband drives a city bus, and he is responsible for people's lives, so he has to sleep. I am thinking, who knows how long it will take to catch this thing with a snap trap if it's so focused on staying around the entrance, trying to chew it's way out.
I looked into excluders on amazon, but our pipe shoots straight into the air. I don't think it would work. Does anyone have an idea about DIY excluder we could easily make and fit over the vent? I am attaching the picture, vent in question is the one with a little oval cover on the top. There is no rain currently in Arizona, we are willing to grind the cover off if it's going to make things easier. Any ideas are appreciated. I'd rather let this thing go before it chews it's way inside out house.


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Which vent did he go down ?
It can't be the open large and small round vent pipes..... those are plumbing pipes.
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The one with oval cover on top. It's an exhaust fan vent for the bathroom. Our pest control took a picture with his phone, and you can see the actual attic around the vent. Their entrance is now sealed, and they have been chewing 24 hours straight trying to get out. I can't figure out how to set excluder on a straight pipe, once we take the cover off.
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I''ve never done anything with excluder traps and don't know how to answer the question but I'd try bacon in the snap traps over peanut butter for rats any day.

I personally wouldn't seal entry/exit points until the target pests are gone or dead. Nuisance wildlife work was a part of my pest control career, not the main focus, so I'll defer to those more experienced but anytime I was hired for rats I didn't want any repairs or clean up done until I killed the rats. I wanted them to think it was business as usual as I baited, dusted, trapped. Otherwise, the rats will become upset and change their routines dramatically. Rats are neophobic, meaning fear of anything new. It's going to be hard to get them used to anything now that they feel trapped. Hunger and bacon in traps may override their neophobia.
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