Good time of year to evict raccoon?

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Good time of year to evict raccoon?

I have a box truck that has been sitting for a few years in the woods...found out that a raccoon has torn a hole in the bottom of the truck and is denned up in there. I have to get rid of it/ them, but would like to use a one way trap door, then seal up the entrance. However, I do not want to evict a momma coon and leave her babies behind to die... so... is the winter a good time of year to get them out? I would think so, because they apparently mate this time of year and give birth in the spring, but I wanted to check here to see if I could get any feedback.

Thanks for helping me do this humanely.
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From now until the summer is mating time.

I had a problem raccoon. I didn't know where he was staying but he kept walking on top of my brand new pool cover leaving mud, footprints and sometimes tiny holes. He also kept attacking the recycling barrel.

I borrowed a HavaHart trap and caught him the next night. We hooked him with peanut butter on a bagel. He was pissed in the morning. Took him several towns away and released him into the woods.
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If you don't get it out now, the odds are you won't once there are babies until mom thinks they're old enough to go with her. Raccoons aren't normally ferocious but mamas with little ones are.
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I too think that eviction now rather than later is a good option.
Two thing to be aware of:

1) Make sure that as the raccoon relocates, that it doesn't find a new home somewhere else on your property such as a shed, attic, crawl space under deck, etc. If they can find loose siding, soffit, etc. they can rip it out and enter. If you are trapping and relocating, then no issue. Trapping/relocating laws vary from state to state.

2) Raccoons, at least here in northeast, have a high incidence of rabies. Be careful.

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