Mice have been outsmarting me for six weeks…help!!

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Mice have been outsmarting me for six weeks…help!!

I recently purchased what I thought was a nice 1940s house 6 weeks ago. On my closing day I found a dead mouse in the basement. Then upon cleaning, I found turds all over the kitchen cabinets, under the fridge, dishwasher, etc. I cleaned it all up and plugged all holes into the kitchen.

Then when I went on to cleaning the basement I found 3-4 more dead mice and massive nests in a heat duct and exhaust pipe for the hot water heater and turds everywhere…in closets, window sills, etc. I put about 6 old school snap traps down then about 4 Tomcat bait stations. Have three of the big outdoor bait stations outside and 3 in the garage. I also went around the house with steel wool and silicon twice now and filled a ton of holes. Sealed up around the basement windows, used great stuff + steel wool on large gaps, etc. Also have cameras watching. I’m up to about ten mice caught now though.

Over the course of a week outside I’d say half of the 10ish poison blocks were eaten. I was optimistic since I didn’t have any in my house from what I could tell for almost a month but now today I got another big one….it might actually be a shrew or vole. What should I do next?

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Your doing it, the mice have set up residence in the house and it's just going to take some time to purge them out. It's not that they are smart it's just that they have obviously had time to establish themselves.
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You've made much progress considering that this is the first one in a month, after the situation that you inherited.

Make sure that the rodenticide is fresh and not moldy or wet, especially the exterior bait. Sometimes slugs will eat the bait; do you see rodent droppings in the stations?

Turn the snap traps so they are perpendicular to the wall as opposed to parallel. That's what we were always taught; not sure why that's better, if it is. The Tomcat bait is a good choice as it has an effective rodenticide active ingredient.

Is there an accessible attic? If so, that can be another harborage for them.

Floor drains in basement or garage-in our pole barn mice came up the drain, chewed their way through the plastic cover and got in that way. Keep us posted.
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You're doing all the right stuff. How do you feel about cats?

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