has anyone had success fumigating moles?

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has anyone had success fumigating moles?

have tried spikes….traps…..worms….of course killing food source. changing out groundcover…castor oil…you name it

they keep wrecking my lawn. I have been told they are pine voles. But the only couple things my dogs I’ve ever caught look a lot like moles to me. But regardless I have read about a few folks using lawnmowers exhaust to flood the holes. Please don’t judge… But I’m at my wits end. Put a ton of money and effort into the yard just at it I’m done every year. Has anybody had success with that?

I actually don’t own a gas mower anymore, but I know harbor freight has 3 hp and 6 hp gas engines for under 150 bucks. I’m thinking about grabbing one (the 3 hp would be ideal because it’s much lighter but it’s only like 79 cc… I don’t know how much exhaust that’s gonna put out) and mounting it to some thing that I can make a portable and carry around our yard. Anybody try this? If so what do you use for a hose?

I’ve seen kits for your car but that sounds like a bad idea for the health of your car and where I really need it in my yard is way far from the driveway anyway. Thanks
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I know that pro's are using carbon dioxide generators for rodent control in special situations, but I believe that equipment is too expensive for DIY use. DIY'ers do use carbon monoxide in rodent burrows, so it is a viable idea. I've never tried it or been around it. The targeted rodent will need to be present obviously, and since we can't see if it is there, we'd simply have to wait and measure the future damage to see if it worked. Also, re-infestation can occur anyway. I suspect the adjoining property(ies) have this issue to some extent.

The "gummy worm" rodenticides are popular with the pro's for mole use. They, and mole trapping, need to be performed on the larger, more used tunnels. They do use some tunnels more than others, sometimes never going back to some tunnels. Finding the right tunnels to bait/trap could be the difference between success and failure. University web sites can offer more info, too. Voles are vegetarians, so they won't eat the worms. Voles may eat the zinc phosphide pellets though. The labels for zinc phosphide no longer have voles on them, because typically voles don't make burrows, but shallow runways. Pine voles may be different from what we have in northeast. Not every state will allow its residents to purchase the pellets, though. Moles are omnivorous, meaning they each pretty much everything.

One strategy that I've heard for determining the active mole tunnels, is to press down to partially collapse a tunnel, then monitor to see if it is repaired. That is a good tunnel to trap or bait with the worms. Keep us posted as to what you find and I'll keep thinking about this.

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