How do I get rodents out of my attic?

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How do I get rodents out of my attic?

I'm not sure if I have mice, rats or possums. We've seen rats and possums in the backyard a few times. We have a small house with basically a crawl space for an attic. You cannot stand up in there. I've been up there many times to run wire and have seen droppings. Never seen any rodents though. The other night my wife said she heard scratching in the ceiling or walls.How would I get these rodents out? Just set traps? Wouldn't they start to smell if I don't remove them?
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I get mice in my attic every yr. You can hear them scratching and gnawing on the lumber. I set snap traps and usually have them gone within a week. It's best to remove the dead mice promptly although I have forgotten a time or three - never noticed the odor in the house.

Possums can get in the attic but the odds are you'd be able to find their entrance.
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I prefer a combination of snap traps and bait. Start with traps so you can confirm what you've got. Mice will avoid traps once they see others snared so bait is a good alternative for them. Use a second-generation bait which kills mice with a single feeding.
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I prefer snap traps to bait. I use the plastic easy set traps. Dead mice will be found where you set the trap. I would worry where baited dead mice end up.

Just remember where you put the traps and keep the bait fresh. I use whatever the smelliest cheese we have on hand and/or peanut butter.
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As far as setting traps, if you aren't sure if it's mice, rats, or opossums, how would one choose the correctly sized trap? Also, consider that birds in an exhaust vent can make similar noises.

Can you get in the attic to an extent in order to look for rodent droppings? Rat droppings look like mouse droppings, but quite a bit larger. Not sure what opossum droppings look like. Get a strong light so you can see the insulation and any stored materials. Look to see if any have been clawed up or if insulation is moved, tunneled, torn up. That would indicate rat size or larger.

Otherwise, trapping will most likely be the answer along with eventually sealing off the entrys/exits. You just don't want to seal anything inside. Keep us posted.

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