How to secure bait boxes

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How to secure bait boxes

After having mice in my A/C compressor I put out 4 bait boxes along that exterior wall and all were disturbed. I refilled and put a brick on each one but all were disturbed again. I want to secure the boxes so animals can't access the bait pellets without getting inside. Is there a way to do so? Note that the boxes are the typical triangle shape, open in two corners.

BTW, considering the second-generation quantity in four bait stations, even a deer may be in a difficult situation soon, but I want to avoid more unintended animals going forward.
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I use the larger rectangular bait stations since they don't require refilling as often, but I drill a hole through the bottom and drive a long spike (8-10") through the hole into the ground and that seems to resist most common critters like raccoons.
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Staking them down will be better than a brick on top. Raccoons and opossums can remove bricks. Still no guarantee that they won't continue damaging the stations anyway, as they are strong enough. Gray squirrels can chew into them as well. I can't have exterior stations where I live for all of these reasons.

Another option that I've thought about but haven't tried is to use milk crates over top of the stations, if it fits over, and place cement blocks on top of the milk crate. Rodents can still get in. The esthetics of such a contraption may not be desirable though.

Another idea, more labor intensive, could be to use only snap traps inside the stations, using cotton as bait (nesting material) thereby eliminating odors. Also, maybe consider using multiple catch traps. Typically these are indoor traps, but will work outdoors. Indoors I'd put bait inside, but outdoors I wouldn't. I'd still put weight on top. Don't buy the "wind up" traps as they are too easy to over-wind and break the springs. They will enter these for the same reasons they enter the compressor unit. Be aware, though, sometimes garter snakes get in and surprise you.

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