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It's ice cold winter here! The house is warm-68 degrees. We installed insulated windows last spring and replaced some siding on the back of the house. When we removed the aluminum siding the previously covereds surfaces were revealed to be covered with FLIES!!!! YUCK! Now we seem to have quite a few showing up in our house in the dead of winter. I have dogs and small kids. Questions is -how do we effectively get rid of these creatures without poisioning our kids and dogs? HELP!!!

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Cluster flies are pests that over winter beneath siding and other cracks and crevices in homes. Also known as attic flies, these flies are larger than house flies with a nonmetallic gray color. They emerge in late January or February in a variety of places inside your house, from the attic to the living room. They are attracted to the windows, and usually die there. They are sluggish big flies and are usually easy to vacuum up.

Control must be achieved in August-September. The flies overwinter and lay eggs outside in mulch and under siding. They often manage to crawl towards warmth and eventually end up in the attic. Outside treatment in August of mulch areas and under siding with an insecticide dust (for under siding, granular or liquid for mulch areas) will control them before they become a problem inside in the winter.

Another popular invader is the Asian Lady Beetle ( looks like a Lady Bug). The Dept. of Agriculture recommends vacuuming up these beetles. Your best bet is to seal all all cracks and crevices into your home against all insect and rodent pests.

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In the middle of winter, all you need is a nice sunny or warm day to "wake up" some insects. Cluster flies are definitely a good example of this. They are a very common pest that lives in the walls, attics and other void spaces of structures. Cluster flies may be controlled by applying a liquid insecticide on the outer surfaces of buildings, arounds soffits and facia, around windows and doors, and just about any other crack and crevice that they may pop through. This treatment should be done around September, before any real cold weather sets in and before flies are looking for harbourage for the winter. This type of treatment helps deter flies from entering any cracks around the house.

I have seen small "fly traps" that rest on your window ledge. (interior) As a fly gets in it, and tries to get out, it buries itself. All you have to do is replace the traps frequently. All this will do however, is reduce the amount of flies that build up on your window ledge.

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