annoying bird

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annoying bird


Recently I've noticed a bird that keeps 'attacking' a kitchen window. I'm not sure on the type of bird. I might be an adolescent cardinal, don't know. My mom recommended taping a sheet of paper to the window. I tried this and it is not a deterent. While this is only a minor annoyance to me, I can't help but think the bird has to have better things to do than attack my window all day long. Any tips on what I can do to keep the little beastie away from the glass? surely it should be out eating or making a nest or something.

Thanks for any help!
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Bird pecking glass

During mating season birds will see their own
relection and think it's another bird intruding on their
territory. They are trying to defend their territory. While placing objects in windows to break up reflections might help, placing something on the outside of the window may be more effective. A rubber snake or owl may work. A dangling pie tin may also drive away the pesky bird. Taping a sheet of paper on the window will be effective if taped on the outside of the window.

Birds establish territories in the spring and chase out intruders. They are more concerned about birds of the same species because they are competing for the same food sources, nesting materials, and mates. They sing very loudly to establish territories and often very forcefully chase away intruders. When a bird sees its own reflection in glass or mirrors, they get the idea that its another bird of the same species in its territory. This is usually a male because it is his job to establish & defend the territory. Birds are slow learners and will repeatedly fly against doors, windows, and mirrors, sometimes injuring or killing themselves in the line of duty. Sometimes they eentually stop because they figure out that the image is no threat or the babies have finally left the nest. To eliminate the bird from your window, eliminate the reflection. Placing something over window on the outside will be more effective than placing it on the inside.
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scare tactics

One I heard is to tie one of those AOL discs they keep sending to a string, they don't like the flash...

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