Gnats and Mosquito Magnet

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Gnats and Mosquito Magnet

Two questions:

First: We moved into a house a month ago. We are in the sierra foothills in California and back up to a large river. A couple days after we moved in we have been seriously infested with gnats. We've never seen anything like it before. We can not go outside without having hundreds swarm our faces within minutes. I don't know how to get rid of them. I can not find out if they will go away, and if so when. I feel like we just moved into a 3000 sq ft apartment because we can not go outside. My boys are turning into couch potatoes. Any gnat experts out there? Will they ever go away? When? How long will they stay away. Do they come back if you have a mid summer rain? If they had been like this when we looked at the house, we would not have bought it. We'll move if we can't go outside. HELP!!

Second: I've looked into the Mosquito Magnet to help with the gnat situation. Any experience with this product? I've search on the internet and read reviews, which are mixed. I'm just looking for some more input. We're on the side of a hill, so I'm not sure if it's really going to work for us.

Thanks, Mary
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Gnats are tiny flies that prefer warm, moist conditions. They can also find their way indoors through screens because of their tiny size. Because females need a blood meal in order to mate, they will bite. Eggs must be laid where it is moist. A river location provides an ideal environment for gnats. Flower pots and other items around the home can also provide a moist environment for gnats to lay eggs.

Insect repellents tend to be very effective for keeping gnats at bay when outdoors. A repellent containing Deet can use used on skin and Permethrin on clothing. There are sprays and fogs containing pyrethrin. Foggers tend to be more effective if treating a large area.

While insect repellents are effective for keeping gnats and mosquitos off your skin, if breeding grounds are left untreated, populations tend to grow year after year. While gnats tend to be less of a problem during the dry seasons, living near a river makes gnat and mosquito control quite a challenge. Check at your local lawn and garden center for products available in your area. Also check with your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent for approved chemicals and recommendations for your area.

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