Cicada control advice requested

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Cicada control advice requested

Any advice on cicada control. Specifically, protecting young dogwood trees.
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Cicada control

A female cicada injects approximately 500 eggs into small tree branches and twigs. Mature trees are typically not hurt, but smaller, younger trees may be. Excessive punctures in branches and twigs result in die back within a few months. Eggs hatch in 1-2 months, and larvae drop to soil where they feed on tree roots before going deeper into soil until mature. Then, they crawl out of the ground and back into their host tree from where they fly off to mate and start the cycle over again. They leave a dried, brown skin behind on host trees. These are clues of infestation and stressed trees.

The best time to treat trees with a residual insecticide control is before cicada infestation. Live cicadas can be sprayed with insecticide solution. There are also insecticide powders available. If you want to quickly kill live cicadas, hornet spray is effective. Some wasp & hornet sprays have a stream that can reach 15-20 feet.

Remember injection of eggs by females can kill branches, so preventive spraying is important. Larvae can kill roots. Thus, treatment of soil is important under and around tree with a granular insecticide. Make at least three treatments May - October. If in a warmer climate, 5-6 treatments will be required. Residual in soil will kill larvae when they fall from tree. Because cicadas tend to return to host trees, look for brown skins to target stressed trees. Stressed trees will benefit from fertilizer and water during dry spells. Although adult cicadas are around for a short time, the larvae can feed on tree roots for years. Prevention and control are necessary to save affected trees.

Because not all insecticide/pesticide products are available in all areas, contact your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent for approved products in your area.

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