Blind snakes

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Unhappy Blind snakes

Every spring on March. I get blind snakes in my bathroom and bedroom area. I always have to call a pest control man and there expensive for that treatment only for blind snakes. They use a powdery substance they put in the shower drains and under the tiolet seat etc. What is this powdery name? Where can i purchase this or is there something simerler to this? They said also they found a snake skin near my house where my bricks are connected to my house. There is crack opening and said to cover this up cause there is where there going in. What do i cover this crack with? I have a concrete slab.
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I hear over and over that exclusion is the best pest control. If you are finding cracks and holes in the brick or foundation of your home, you need to get them sealed up - pronto. It is alot easier to seal up any holes than to try to rid your house of snakes or any other pest for that matter once they get in. Take a walk around the outside of your home and thoroghly look for any openings you think these snakes could be entering.

If it's a crack or hole in the brick or concrete, then I would use some concrete filler. You should be able to find products like this at any home improvement store.

I'm not sure about the powdery stuff you mention. Here in Canada, I can't say I do to many snake jobs. (thank god)

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Blind snakes

As indicated, exclusion is the best control for household pests. Seal all cracks and crevices into home and maintain regular insecticide/pesticide perimeter control along foundation and perimeter of home to minimize pest problems. Most blindsnakes eat mainly ants and termites and their eggs and grubs, larger snakes eat bigger ants. With a regular pesticide treatment of foundation and perimiter and inspection and treatment of foundation by a pest control company to assure you have no termite or other infestation problems, you should be able to maintain control. Elimination of food sources will tend to eliminate blind snakes which are attracted to their prey.

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