Animal in Drop Ceiling

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Animal in Drop Ceiling

undefinedundefinedTwo nights ago my husband and I were laying in our completely finished basement and we heard something running in the ceiling. We've never heard this before. We haven't had any real problems with mice, etc., but we only purchased our house last year. In the fall, we saw a few small mice in our yard + actually had one dead in our backyard pond. A few days after that, I spotted one on my basement floor in the morning when I flicked on the light, he ran + I set traps and the very next day I got him + hadn't seen anything since. There are never droppings in our house, never disturbed food, boxes, etc. Well about three weeks ago we spotted another mouse in the basement + it ran under a door and behind a wall. I set traps but nothing. Now, two nights ago ... this running. It ran quick + then all was quiet. Last night I set a mouse trap up in the ceiling and later on when all was quiet we went down and you could hear something again running around. It stayed in one area + if we tapped on the ceiling with a broom, it would run around. It sounded bigger than a mouse. I called an exterminator because I was nervous + he assured me it probably was a mouse + that it would sound louded because of the drop ceiling echoing. I'm concerned as to exactly what it is + what I should do. Should I put poison? Does it sound like this might be a mouse? We've had no trouble with anything else. We're not in a very wooded area or anything. My second concern is whether it would just die in the ceiling or get out ... if it was going to get out, wouldn't it have two nights ago? I just don't know what to do.
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Try popping a few of the ceiling tiles out in the area where you hear the critters the most. Don't do it with your mouth open because my guess is you will find all the mouse droppings you are going to want to see and more.
I had the same problem in the house I moved into last summer.

First I found where the mice were coming in. (The dryer vent)

Then I cleaned up the dropping mess on top of the tiles.

Then my two cats took over and did away with the mice in pretty short order.
(It was like a real life Tom and Jerry cartoon. We found their little mutilated bodies all over the basement, heh-heh...)
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ShinyPrincess, I would set about a half a dozen snap traps with peanut butter in the drop ceiling till there's no more evidence. Even after you think you've caught them all you could just leave them up there for monitoring purposes. Just remember to check them once in a while.

Good luck,

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Exclusion is the best control for mice. They can enter through a crack as small as 1/4". Make sure cracks in foundation are sealed. Make sure door thresholds fit properly and there are no entries beneath doors. Trapping is the best method to attract mice. Mice tend to travel along walls, so setting traps along walls on top ceiling tiles should work. Peanutbutter is a good bait. Wrap fine sewing thread around the mechanism where you place the peanutbutter. This tends to get their teeth caught in the thread. Poisons indoors tends not to be recommended because should mice die inside the home, you will have an odor problem until the body completely decomposes. Check traps frequently.

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