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Can anyone one me if those guys do any good from where I see me , all they do is eat and kill things. Do you think that the organic insect spray will work on them .

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Grasshoppers breed and grow in dry, pastures, empty lots and roadsides where vegetation is not mowed. When they run out of plants to eat and the weeds dry up, they will move into your lawn and garden. Keeping weeds cut adjacent to lawn and garden and appling control will minimize invasion and reinvasion, but leave a barrier strip of weeds which you keep watered to give them something to feed on other than your lawn. Treating only the lawn for grasshoppers does not prevent reinvasion. Grasshopper controls are best applied when still in the nymph stage and before they enter the lawn from adjacent weeded areas. Because not all chemical controls are available in all areas, call your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent for recommended chemicals where you live. A residual (oil based) insecticide spray tends to be most effective. For organic gardeners Pepper Wax Spray or Neem Oil are a couple recommended sprays for insect control. Always read and follow label directions carefully. Repeat applications will be required once grasshoppers move into your lawn. Grasshoppers tend to increase throughout the summer. Some years there tend to be outbreak years because they tend to run in cycles. Grasshoppers can destroy farmers' crops. A late spring freeze can interupt their cycle.

Grasshoppers do good because they are part of the food chain. Many birds and animals feed on them.
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Thanks I'll do that, I had forgot about the birds. It's just that when i saw them on my house plants that I put outside every spring I when abit insane.
Cuz those guys have all the land around me to eat on . I guess they just wonted something new for a bit. But with any luck with the rain now they will go back to the fields.

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