What are these bugs?

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What are these bugs?

I had my porch light on tonight and as I was going in and out, a LOT and I do mean a lot, of these bugs got in my house. Now in my high ceilings where I can't reach em, I've got tons o' bugs. These seem to be those non-biting bugs that you'll see swarming the lights at the baseball diamond. Looks like they only have 4 legs, and 2 antennae, but I'm at a loss for what they are. They're about a 1/4" in length or so, are not mosquitoes, and seem to be pretty content just hanging out on my wall. How do I kill em? How long will they live?
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Hoboscratch, what you describe could be just about anything. You may have to catch some for a better I.D.

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Bugs, or insects, have six legs. A variety of insects appear to be attracted to porch lights, most of which are different types of moths. Although, you might see some beetles, flying roaches, and other species. If you like bugs, studying the ones you find around your porch light and identifying them with your bug book can be lots of fun.

Insects aren't actually attracted to your porch light. Moths actually use light to determine their line of movement. Before the invention of lights, the moon was the brightest thing in the sky and moths navigated by the moon. Outdoor lights are brighter than the moon. The insect tries to keep the light source in a fixed position relative to its body, but because the porch light is so close to the insect it ends up spiralling toward the light. No one knows why insects don't or won't move away from the light source.

You can swat the bugs that sneak indoors through an open door or window, but that might be a little messy on walls and ceiling. You can suck them up with your vacuum. Or, you can get a piece of stiff paper and a paper bag and scrape them into the bag.

Using a yellow light bulb can minimize bugs attracted to light. Keeping light bulb turned off, of course, would eliminate the problem. Moving your outdoor light source a little out into the yard on a lamp post or using yard lights along walks and driveway will move exterior light sources away from entries to your home.

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