Pesty Snails

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Pesty Snails

I park my vehicles in my driveway and somehow the stupid snails make their way to the top of the aircleaner where the engine, when it heats up makes them explode. As you can probably guess, this makes a big mess.

I have never heard of this type of problem before.

Any suggestions?
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There are molluscicide pellets available for slug and snail control in your lawn. Slugs have shells, but they are very small and hidden beneath a fleshy mantle and most folks think they don't have a shell. Snails a very obvious little shell house into which they retreat. But, using poisons in the landscape can take a toll on domestic animals, wildlife, and children. Eliminating moist conditions that attract these creatures is a first step toward prevention. Eliminating plants that are popular food sources for snails and slugs is also helpful. If you live in a climate that provides moist conditions that attracts these pests, then the problem tends to be more challenging.

A balanced ecologically based garden can accommodate pests without severe damage to plants. Hand picking combined with other methods such as barriers, reduction of habitat and the inclusion of mixed plantings tend to reduce dominance of pest species and damage to gardens.

There tends to be no research available about slugs or snails attracted to vehicles. Slugs and snails tend to show up in unusual places, and there appears to be no research available on the attraction of snails and slugs to vehicles.

But, when you drive home in the evening and the hood of the car is warm and you turn off the engine, then when cool, damp air meets engine and hood there may be condensation that creates a damp environment. This can be prevented by throwing a tarp or cover over the car. But, doing so may affect paint. Car covers, if flanneled backed, tend to be best for over winter storage. What is important is that you decide to use a car cover that it is breatheable.

Thus regular treatment of lawn with insecticide and limiting plants to those that are not attractractive to slugs may minimize your problem. My internet research has revealed no one sharing your problem.
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Spring time is or has arrived in many parts of the county. Planting and growing time is now upon us. So is the maintenance of our lawns, gardens and flower beds.

From deep within the archives, this thread has been Exhumed and Resurrected for your knowledge base and learning methods...

Snails and Slugs eating away your vegetable and or flower garden?...

Try this trick....

Spread a line of Salt around the entire perimeter of the flower bed and or vegetable garden. Not around the base of the flowers or vegetable plants...:NO NO NO:

The intent is two fold.

Keep snails and slugs out and not dissolve the salt when watering.

Snails and or slugs usually but not always will not cross over a line of salt. Those that do it's "Lights Out."... Salt will dehydrate them and leave behind only the shells of snails and the sludge of slugs.

One very successful method I found was to dig a shallow half inch deep and about two inch wide MOAT around the entire garden or flower bed. About six to twelve inches from the base of the flowers or veggies.

Then lay the continuous line of regular cooking salt into the MOAT. Intent is to entice the snails and/or slugs to proceed down wards until they encounter the salt. Neither snails nor slugs backs up... therefore it's a ONE way trip down into doomsday assured death!!!!....


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