little brown/black beetles in my kitchen

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Unhappy little brown/black beetles in my kitchen

I have looked everywhere I can find to identify these little guys, and am at a loss. Carpet beetles? I just don't know.

About three weeks ago I started seeing an occasional beetle in my kitchen that resembled a mouse dropping... most of the time they were not alive when I saw them. There were frequently 2-6 around the door to the outside (in my kitchen).

I treated with Ortho Home Defense... and swept up the carcasses when I'd find them.

They did seem to be increasing in frequency a bit. A few days ago, I just returned from five days away, and there were over a hundred - most not moving (I assumed dead) by the door, and little clusters of them around other sections of the baseboards, as well as three in the bathroom on the lower level (there is carpet between the kitchen and bathroom).

I swept, mopped, retreated... then swept and mopped again... and still seem to wake up to populations of at least 50 or so every morning... and am finding them in even further reaches of the ground level of my house. They do not seem to be in any cabinets that I can tell... and I do not see them in my berber carpet.

Pictures of them can be found here:

Can anyone tell me what they are, and do you think it's something I can ultimately take care of by myself or do I need to call in the professionals? Apparently, so far my own technique isn't working.

Thanks so much!
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sudrab, what you could to do is call a pest control company out for an inspection. They can I.D. them and maybe let you in on what to do. They could just be carpet beetles .They also look like a type of powder post beetle(wood borer). It's hard to say for sure without one in my hand.

Good luck,

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Thanks, posse.

With my current work schedule, I'm not sure how I would manage calling in the pros... but, maybe I can make it happen in the next few weeks.
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I may have gotten a jump on the little critters...

I did another all-out cleaning, including washing certain floors with Borax as well as the throw rugs about my first floor (I had read another site which claimed carpet beetles don't like borax... and I thought, hey it couldn't hurt to try it...)

In the process I found a seething mass of them hangin' out in my doggie's pig's ear bag. Wow. There was quite a population in there (hadn't spotted them before, and I don't give those to my dog all the time, so I had never noticed.)

Anyhoo... it's been three days and I've only found 4 stragglers so far.

That's leaps and bounds better than before! I hope I got em all!
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Larder beetles most likely. They feed off of nething. Dying carcasses, pet or human hair. They are like carpet beetles. A bag of pet food is a big cause for them. They also feed off of dead insects in walls or attics. If you have bad fly or lady bug problems they tend to be around. To get rid of them , get rid of their food. sometimes in the case of dead insects in the walls it is difficult, but you said you found their breeding source which is good. Keep the place clean and they might go away, otherwise you might want to call a professional, they can maybe tell you more by looking at the situation./
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Pantry beetles

Check your cupboards, too. They will infest grain products. Make sure all grain products are stored in air tight containers. The eggs and larvae and be brought home in grain products like pasta, flour, meal, dog food, bird seed, etc.

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