Hearing a POP sound in the walls--what is it?

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Hearing a POP sound in the walls--what is it?

I am lying in bed in the early evening all thru the nite and I hear OCCASIONAL
POP sounds in the walls in various areas of the bedroom...

We already took care of the mice problem and they are gone....

What in the world can this possibly be? We have been in the home 10 years ( we built the house)...Had a new roof put on last Oct.'03---

There is NO frass anywhere and No holes coming thru either the sheetrock or the baseboard molding at all....

The POP sound is usually ONE pop in one area and then maybe a 1/2 hour later, you hear another POP sound further down the wall or higher up the wall...

THIS is driving me nuts as I am a light sleeper and it wakes me up at nite...


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Lee Lamb
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Are you sure the sound is coming from inside the wall? Perhaps it is a piece of vinyl or aluminum siding that is cooling down in the night and re-arranging itself.
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Popping sound in walls


It is both EXTERIOR and INTERIOR walls-- there is only vinyl siding on the back wall== and I hear this in the master bedroom , which has a closet wall behind the bed before you get to the exterior wall--So this is an interior wall...

Also 2 other interior walls in the room have the same sound at different times of the day, in addtion to the EXTERIOR wall...

What can this be? I heard it today at 9am and at 2pm- and am awaiting for it to keep me up again tonite from 9pm til the early morning....

All help will be appreciated!!

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Lee Lamb
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Any structural changes to the house before this started, additions, decks, etc...?

Any plumbing rising through those walls, such as a soilpipe?

Wood or steel studs?

New windows?

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I heard something funny on the radio last week and verified it with a call to (commercial link and phone number removed). Apparently termites will make a warning sound if an intruder is thought to be near. They say put your ear to the wall and knock on the wall and you would hear a knock back.

Good Luck.

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Wood borers

The only way to find out what is going on in your wall is to tear into it. That would, of course, be messy and expensive. There are certain woodborers that make an audible popping sound. Contact a local, trusted exterminator. If you don't know one, ask a local, trusted realtor.
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a pop sound is weird. we have a boroscope that allows you to look into the wall, but it is difficult to see what you are looking at. squirrels or mice or other animals will make scratching, squeeking, running sounds and they move about. termites or Carpentar ants will make a dull crunching sound from chewing. I couldn't begin to tell you what it is just from a pop sound.
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I hear the same sound in my home. It's like a loud pop or bang, as if somebody thwacked a large sheet of sheetrock. It's too sharp of a sound to be created by an insect or soft-footed rodent.

I'm not a contractor, just a DIYer, but I believe that it's a mechanical sound. It's probably caused by expansion or contraction of the structure (joists, studs, sheetrock) in response to temperature and humidity changes over the course of the day.

If that's truly the case, a remedy might be to try to isolate the sound to a limited area (that's the hard part), and then drill a few drywall screws into the wall or ceiling to better secure the sheetrock. It might take some trial and error.

Hope this helps.
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me too! My floorboards are popping

I was wondering if there was any conclusion to the mysterious popping sounds coming from your walls/floors. I have the same experience. It pops 2-3 times a minute for about 15 minutes and the stops. It seems to be traveling as well. Any information would be great.

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