pennsylvania pesticide test

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pennsylvania pesticide test

hello I just recently took the state pesticide core test. I pasted but now i need to add a catagory. The catagory i would need for my job is either a catagory 6 or 7 Both these tests are open book tests. The tests consist of 50 questions each so i think i will take one now and one at a later date,since i will only have three hours to take the test. does any one have any advice for taking these tests. I have talked to the instructor and he said that every answere is in the books. he said that the hardest part of the test is finding the answere. Any words of wisdom would surely help thanks...
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obviously familiarize yourself with the study material first. then i would go thru the test answering all the questions you know first. after that allow about three minutes per question to look up answers getting all of those done. allow what ever time is left to thouroughly search out the remaining answers. in texas you can retake the test as many times as you need to. dont feel bad if you dont pass it the first time. alot of people dont. you will have a better understanding of the test the second time if it is nesessary.
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Here in minnesota we have I think it was 75 identifying questions. We had to identify Bugs in glass cases. It is different in every state. In Wisconsin it was about a 50 question quiz that was pretty easy. Just study, but much of it is safety stuff. Beef up on the safety stuff because that is what they are most interested in.
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Here in Ontario (Canada) it's a 50 question multiple guess...err choice exam (Open book) plus closed book weed & pest identification. 70% to pass.

When I took mine, I found it very helpful to tab the reference material to make looking up easier... Calibration, Different types of vegetation (Turf, Annual flowers, Woody nurserystock, Brush, etc), and situations (Pavement, Roadside, Short Term/Long Term Control, etc). Highlighting sections of pages (assuming you are using your own textbooks) makes finding information under the tabs easier.

Also, go thru the test once and answer everything you know immediately, then return to do the harder questions. I've found that after you've completed all the questions, it is often better to just hand the paper in - personal experience being that answers revised during review of the test often will be the wrong choice - the right one is the answer I often chose first and then discarded...

Good Luck with your exam(s)

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Pennsylvania Pesticicide Test

Just familiarize yourself with the material on which you will be tested. The tests are not that difficult. I took the test in a previous life in the state of VA, but I never used it for anything. I just took the test for fun and education. All you need to know is how to find the answers.

Use some post-it notes with labels on which you have written the categories or topics so it will expedite your research due to time limits. Use these to mark the chapters or subjects in your book for an open book test. Stay calm.

You will do just fine. We did not have open book or a book. Everything was lecture when I did it. You will be just fine. Take a deep breath and remember there are friends here that are standing behind you 110% and that we need your help here at Hey, babe, if I did it, you can do it.

I never thought about it before, but if my business fails, I can get a job as a pest exterminator. The problem with the business is that so many ignore and deny pest issues, many are ignorant of them, and many can not afford professional help. The folks who cannot afford help live in structures that are being devoured by the wood eating insect species, are ignorant of moisture control issues, or there are those folks who have the money for an annual insect inspection and treatment program but are too "tight" to do it. Thus, these latter category folks don't realize that homeowner's insurance does not cover repairs from insect damage. It is extremely important for homeowners to protect their investment in their property to have an annual inspection and maintain a termite contract.
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Cat 6 .. Ornamental and Shade Trees
Cat 7 .. Lawn and Turf

I have Core, 11 & 12.
If memory serves me correctly, I went through my cat books and highlighted all info that I thought would be on the test. Also read through them several times to familiarize myself w/ the material. If I didn't remember the answers, at least I had a pretty good idea where to look for them. Good idea on taking one Cat at a time. I took Core and both cats when I tested .. it was a bit much. The company I was going to work for was in a bind, and I had to get legal quickly. Good luck.


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