Salamander in Cill

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Salamander in Cill

I have a salamander in my window cill. Is he harmless living there? I have 2 1-2" round holes that he enters & exits but I don't know if this little guy is a pest or to just leave him be...maybe plant him a couple hostas and keep him as a cill pet for the kids to watch. I don't know anything about salamanders and didn't even know we had them in Colorado.
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Salamanders typically do not enter buildings. They need moisture to survive. Typically, they may occasionally be found in a damp basement they has ongoing moisture problems. All cracks, crevices, and holes in your structure should be sealed to prevent insect pests and their predators.

Salamanders are mostly nocturnal, but will come out on cloudy and/or rainy days. They hide where they have moist conditions. Salamanders are harmless. The best control measure is to modify their environment so that more dry conditions exist. Keep gutters and downspouts clear so that water drains away from foundation. Soil around foundation should be sloped to carry away water. There should be no debris that would trap moisture that attracts salamanders.

Lizards, however, will seek shelter inside structures, especially when it turns very hot or cold. They have many predators, so hiding is one of the things they do. They are generally harmless, but they will bite if threatened. The only poisonous lizards are the Gila monster and the beaded lizard, both of which live in the desserts of Mexico and Arizona.

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