House infested with Fruit Flies. Help!

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Question House infested with Fruit Flies. Help!

My house is infested with fruit flies. I know the first step is to find the source that attacted the flies in the first place. My daughter believes it was something in her trash. She got rid of the trash last week. But the flies are still here. We placed little bowles of vinegar around the house while we went away for the weekend. The vinegar has killed a few, but there are still a lot in the house. I know there is no fruit or rotten vegetables lying around. I have thought about sending away for a fruit fly catcher called the Vector One, or some sticky paper that are used to catch flies. People have told me these things do not work all that great. I know also there is a ultraviolet light that will attract them on to a sticky surface. But they want $40.00 for this device. My question to anybody out there is this light a waste of money and are the other things also just a waste? Should I just keep using the vinegar or are there other home remedies I can try without busting my wallet? I

I appreciate your help.

Smart Homeowner

p. s. I don't feel too smart right now.
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S.H., you're right in one aspect - you need to find the source and remove it. However, it may not just be one source. It could be anything from trash(like you said), empty beer bottles, recycling media(cans and bottles) or recycling containers themselves that will attract them. I would not use this vinegar trap you mentioned because all you're doing is attracting them even more. From experience, light traps may catch the odd one, but they are not attratced to U.V. light the way other common flies are.

If there was just one source of infestation, and it was removed, it should just be a matter of time until they die off or leave. Keep in mind that taking garbage from the kitchen to the garage, for example, will still attract them to the house until the garbage is removed permanently.

Personally, I too get the odd one flying around my house. I know I have some empty beer bottles in my garage that they like so much. It's not all that uncommon to have the odd fruit fly buzzing around a household in search of something they like. I would suggest keep looking around for anything that they could be attracted to.

Good luck and I hope this helps you out.

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Fruit flies

Are you sure they are fruit flies? They could be fungus gnats. These pests tend to breed in drains, refrigerator drip pans, and over watered house plants. Clean and disinfect drains and other damp areas. Let house plants dry out. Spray with insecticide for houseplants and clean and disinfect saucers on which potted plants are placed.

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