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I think there may be a skunk(s) under our deck. Access is limited, so I cannot confirm it but remain highly suspicious, nonetheless. Animal control wont help. Is there anything we can do? Calling the sherriff does not seem logical. Please help.

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Hi Steve,

Here's what I did. I was really trying for armadillo. Used a live trap (raccoon sized) and over ripe banana for bait. Well, we caught a skunk right off. Oh Jeez!! What to do!! I have a cousin who is a trapper of some great experience so I was on the phone right away. Here's what he told me. Just get a large blanket that you can't see through. Hold it up in front of you and slowly walk toward the cage. You can peek over the top of the blanket to see where you are going, but be sure the skunk can't see your outline through the blanket. Once you get to the cage, just drape the blanket completely over it. Now you can lift the cage by the handle, through the blanket, and carry the blanket covered cage to a location where you would want to release (or kill) the skunk in. Slowly lift the blanket just enough to get to the door latch while you squat to the side of the cage, be sure to keep the cage covered so the skunk can't see you. Lift the door (we used a block of wood as a prop), stand and back away. As you stand behind the cage, lift the blanket slowly and holding it in front of you, back away. The skunk will leave the cage and you can either follow at a distance until he reaches an area where you want to shoot him, or you can let him make his merry way into the woods while you go inside and have a drink to calm your nerves. I wouldn't have believed this would work, but in the last 2 weeks my husband and I have done it 3 times and haven't been sprayed. One of the skunks had sprayed in the cage before we found him, but it wasn't to bad by the time we got there, and none of the odor got on us. I never cease to be amazed at my cousins knowledge of wildlife. He said that in one year he caught over 30 skunks under his mothers house using this method. He also said he had never been sprayed by a skunk. Oh, be sure that you don't set your trap in an area where you can't walk up on it.

Good Luck, Sue
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Skunk Management

In my old neighborhood, our neighbors had a habit of leaving food out for their cats, and soon we not only had a bigger stray cat problem, but skunks and possums as well. We couldn't convince them to cease this irresponsible practice, so we moved.
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Live trapping is best for skunks, as indicated. They are nocturnal. Placing a light under your deck might help drive them away, but your neighbors may think you have gotten a little wierd. If you are not leaving out pet food dishes or open trash containers, but your neighbors do, the area will continue to attract wildlife.

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