Bats in my attic?

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Bats in my attic?

I think I have bats in the attic.........every so often get a foul smell (similar to methane) in the area above an upstairs hallway. Have never seen bats, but some do fly around outside. Any ideas on how to check for or get ride them?

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Bats are nocturnal and fly about in search of insects for food. During the day they tend to sleep. Check attic for droppings. If you have bats, you will definitely see their droppings.

Check attic to make sure no bathroom or kitchen vents vent into attic rather than to outdoors. Make sure vapor retarder on insulation is facing downstairs. Make sure any soffit ventilation is not covered with insulation. Moisture trapped in attic from warm, humid air can cause decay and loss of insulative qualities of insulation. Make sure sewer vents are vented through the attic and roof and sewer gas (methane) is not trapped in attic. Make sure attic is adequtely ventilated.

Seal all nooks and crannies to prevent insect and rodent pests from entering home. All attic vents should be screened to prevent pests from entering.
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Bats in attic

Yes, you should definitely screen out and/or caulk your attic to prevent bat access. HOWEVER, do not do this during the breeding season (late spring-early summer) as you may block females from returning to nurse their dependent young, which will then slowly starve. Go outside just before dusk and watch your roof. Sit down with a cup of coffee and relax for a while. If bats are in your attic, you will see them leave to forage, and you can note the points at which they leave. Outside of the breeding season, you can screen off or caulk the openings. Leave one entrance open, but hang a large piece of screen over it (from the outside). If any bats remain inside, they will be able to crawl under the screen to get out, but will not be able to get back inside.

On another note, bats eat their weight in insects (including mosquitos) every night, so they are handy to have around. While I can understand not wanting them in your attic, you may want to consider installing a 'bat house' on the side of your house to give them an alternate roost and retain their insect-consumption services. There are plans for bat houses available on the Internet, and some places that sell bird houses also carry them.

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