mouse odor

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mouse odor

how do I get rid odor froma dead mouse?
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Mouse odor

Mouse odor. You don't say where the dead mouse is located. I am assuming it is located inside a wall or other unaccessible place. Odor will last for several weeks until the mouse is completely decomposed. You can use enzyme digester cleaner/deodorizer spray in area where odor is located. Enzymes digest organic odors. With patience and time you will soon be left with a fully decomposed mouse and odor will disappear.

Using poison and baits inside the home for mouse control tends not to be recommended because the mouse can end up dead inside the home and cause odor problems. Trapping is recommended. Exclusion is the best control for mice. Seal all cracks and crevices in foundation and all other possible entries into home, such as where wires and pipes enter the structure. Make sure all doors and windows seal properly. A mouse can squeeze through a crack as small as 1/4". Eliminate pet food and bird seed and other food sources around the home. Sometimes it's impossible to eliminate them all, especially if you live near corn or other grain fields and have neighbors who leave out pet food dishes and feed the birds. Thus, exclusion is the best control. As cooler temperatures approach, mice and other animals tend to seek shelter to overwinter and have their babies. When getting your home ready for winter, always include pest exclusion as part of your inspections.

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