Rats in the Basement! $*@)($!!!

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Angry Rats in the Basement! $*@)($!!!

oy vey. I thought it was maybe mice, but when I put out several peanut-butter-baited mousetraps, they disappeared (traps and all). I put out 8 glue boards 3 days ago, and as of last night no takers. It's getting very cold, and they're trying very hard to get into the house. In fact, I heard scratching in the hall closet all night (not sure if it got in or not) and something gnawed a fist-sized hole in the downstairs bathroom wall around the pipe that goes to the sink. No droppings in there and thank heaven that door stays closed.

I clogged the bathroom hole with tabasco-soaked SOS pads. The exterminator can't come until after Xmas... in the meantime how do I kill these beasts??? How bad IS the smell in the wall after poisioning, is that even an option at all? I can't even consider if they got into my house proper. Bad enough they've messed all over my basement.

Should I move the glue traps or wait? Should I use baited snap traps as well, and if so what bait and how? Do I really need to anchor the rat traps, and how is that done? I mean, if I put it against the wall then how can I anchor it??

please spare me the advice on how to PREVENT rats. it's too late for that, obviously, and I don't want to seal them inside. Need to kill the varmints first, then I'll wrap my house in steel wool and flashing LOL. ew ew ew ew ew

oh -- and when this is all over, any tips for cleaning the mess up? I have plenty of boxes down there, they chewed into some of them, how do I clean that up? I mean, I can't bleach books etc. will Clorox or Lysol wipes work?
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I would use rat sized snap traps baited with peanut butter. It has worked well for me in the past. They sounds like they're taking to the small ones pretty good. You should bait the traps and just leave them out first, without setting them. You could do this for a day or so. Set them for sure after you see them eating all the peanut butter. Screwing them to the wall is sometimes needed. I've had the rat sized ones dissappear too.

I would do something about all those boxes down there too. They sound like they may be nesting in them.

I would forget about the rodenticide, as long as you keep catching them. The benefit of this is obviously to be able to remove the carcasses. It does smell for a while (1 week+) if it dies in the wrong place and you can't get to it. You can also get rat sized glueboards(12" x 24"), not sure if you're using those ones.

Go big on the rat snap traps!! At least 20.

Good luck.

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glue boards are tricky

I have used them before the rats got stuck and just walked off with the glue board stuck on him. We saw him occasionally waddling around with the board still stuck to the side of him was funny made us laugh who thought that silly thing was really going to work when they made it. What we did was modified it we glued the rat sticky trap to a piece of 2 foot by 2 foot plywood if that got drug off next we would just get gun. It worked within a week we got him he still had the first sticky board attached to him too lol.
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Make sure you have enough traps placed around that you can get the situation under control in short order. Bait traps with peanutbutter, hot dog, or bacon. You can tie bait onto trigger with sewing thread. Place rat traps along walls and in corners and behind objects where you know there has been activity.

Seal all openings into house, including where pipes and wires enter. Use spray foam insulation to fill large holes. Make sure you don't get it on anything because it's impossible to remove. Have a plastic bag handy for quick disposal of container. Stainless steel pot scrubbers can be used to fill smaller openings. Steel wool will rust & deteriorate. A mouse needs a hole the size of a dime, and a rat a hole the size of a quarter. And, they will chew their way in.

Rodents can be found indoors near an indoor food source, in insulation in walls and ceilings, in crawl spaces and basements, in or around boxes, near hot water heaters, under sinks, cabinets, and tubs & showers. You will have rats in your neighborhood if dog and cat food is left outdoors, there are bird feeders, pet droppings, nut & fruit trees, compost piles, & improperly stored garbage.

Trapping is the preferred method of control once you have rodents in your home. Using baits & poisons may result in having a dead animal inside a wall or other inaccessible place & you will have to live with the odor until it completely decomposes.

If you find that you have a dead rat, spray for fleas. Wear rubber gloves to pick up the traps and dead animal. Triple bag the rat and call trash department for recommended disposal. Clean area with 10% bleach/water solution. Wash hands even if you wore gloves. Do not sweep or vacuum up droppings, you want to wet down the droppings with a 10% bleach water solution and allow to soak for at least 20 minutes, then scoop up droppings using newspaper, paper towels or rags and triple bag then throw away. Then, thoroughly clean the area with bleach/water solution.

Wear a mask and rubber gloves if sorting through storage boxes. Wear long sleeves & pants. Washable items can be disinfected with bleach/water solution. Books and papers should be discarded if there is evidence of urine or droppings. Wash rubber gloves in bleach/water solution before you remove them. Wash hands. Remove clothing & wash in hot water. If reusing traps, disinfect in bucket of bleach/water solution. Allow to thoroughly dry before reusing.

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