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Looked through 3 pages of posts and was surprised to see almost every creature on this green earth posted but Rabbits!

Ok here's my problem. Last summer we noticed an increasing amount of rabbits eating our garden and our flowers around the house.

We figured out that some of them were living under our neighbors shed in the back yard behind us, and others spawned a litter to the neighbor to the right. In an effort to protect our plants we bought a bunch of natural deterrant that is deer scent or something like that. It smells like liquid a$$

Anyway that helped out but obviously didn't cut down on the rabbit population.

Now it's winter. While I don't see the rabbits anymore as they stay out of our yard while we are home (we own two dogs, doberman & boxer) because they are smart enough to avoid being chased, there is plenty of evidence that they are in our yard (ton's of rabbit pellits, and tracks).

What I'm trying to figure out is a couple of things. Do they eat dog poop and that's why there's so many pellits in our yard or do they poop this much in everyones yard. Two is it even worth trying to catch these things and take them far away to drop off in the woods? I'm guessing if there's nests in my two neighbors yards the entire subdivision probably has rabbits and it's a loosing fight?

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Rabbit control

You can use rabbit fences. Dig a trench about 6" deep and 8" wide around your garden. Pound 2" stakes on inside of trench. Bend bottom 6" of chicken wire out along the ground inside trench to form a letter "L". Attach wire to stakes & fill trench.

Electric fences are also an option. Install stakes around perimeter of garden. Attach insulators to stakes. You will run 2 rows of wires. Bottom wire will be outside of stake about 2" above ground. The top wire will be about 4" above ground. Fence can be charged from electric fence charger for garden.

Remove dense, heavy vegetative cover, brush piles, weed patches, junk dumps and stone piles in or adjacent to the landscape. This will tend to reduce hiding places.

There are rabbit repellents available at lawn & garden centers that can be applied before damage occurs and after rain and heavy dew. Another option is trapping and relocating. Trapping tends to be more effective in winter when the garden is not available for rabbits to eat. Corn cobs, oats, dried apples, or rabbit droppings are good baits. Traps are sold at garden centers, hardware stores, or in gardening catalogs. Place the traps in areas where rabbits have been feeding or resting close to cover. If the trap fails to catch any rabbits within a week, move the trap to a different location.

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