need help identifying roach

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need help identifying roach


I just moved into an apartment (I have lived here twice before, and never had any pest problems). I've been here 6 weeks, and have seen several adult, and two juvenile roaches.

I took the juvenile (didn't keep the adults, unfortunately) to the local agricultural extension, and the guy wasn't sure what it was, but didn't think it was a wood roach nymph.

We have quite a wood roach population here, and I'm used to seeing the occasional wood roach that gets in the house. These roaches seem similar, and we've had some warmer weather lately (in the 40's). None of them tried to flee at all, the adults were higher up on the walls during the day, in the bedroom. (one nymph in bathroom, one in second bedroom). They are fairly large, maybe up to an inch, dark brown. We have quietly crept around the house at night, looked with a flashlight, seen nothing at all, and haven't seen anything in the kitchen area (fingers crossed). We did bring some bundles of furring strips (wood) from the local lumber yard to hang some pegboard up, though one of the juveniles I saw was prior to this.

If this was one roach only, I'd be pretty sure it was a wood roach, but seeing this many is making me wonder.

Any ideas appreciated!!
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Hi, and welcome to the DIY Forums.

The most common roach I have dealt with inside structures is the German cockroach. These types of roaches are predominantly found in kitchens and washrooms. They like the moisture which is why they are normally found in these areas.

Seeing you say you've found most of your roaches in the bedrooms, I would lean towards them being either wood roaches, like you say, or brown banded roaches(which prefer dryer areas, usually up off the floor level. Adult brown banded roaches don't get too much longer than 5/8 of an inch. They are identified by two light coloured bands that run across thier bodies(under the wings). I find they can be best controlled with good sanitation and cockroach bait.

The wood roach adults are usually about 7/8 - 1 1/4 inches long. The adults are dark brown with a whitish ring around the outside of thier pronotum(a shield like piece behind their heads). These roaches cannot survive in homes and structures, but may enter more accidentally than anything. They are usually found outside under loose bark, in hollow trees, and in firewood, etc. They are very good fliers and are attracted to lights. If control is really needed, an exterior treatment around siding, soffit and facia areas can be done.

Hope that helps,


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