fly problem - help!

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fly problem - help!

I need some help with a cheap, safe method to control houseflies around my kennel (2 dogs). We clean up a minimum of once daily, usually 2 times a day. I purchased a bug zapper year before last, which without it, I am not sure how we would have survived. The flies were horrible last year. I am not usre where they are coming from but its still March and flies are already back. There is some pine woods with lots of undergrowth about 100 yards from the kennel. The flies swarm the dogs clean food.. they make it up to and into the house 100 feet away. My dogs suffer, we suffer... don't even want visitors in the summer months. Is ther esomethign i can use to lure more of them to the zapper/ Is ther way to make fly bait and make traps? The flies are hree already adn I want a head start on them. We can't go thru another summer like last year. Don't say get rid of the dogs.... they are a part of the family and also extra income for us thru breeding. I knwo a few flies are expected ... but this is not a few, its swarms of them. I heard something about vinegar and dishwater detergent? Please, anyone... help!!!!!!!!
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House flies, and related species, always have a source usually something decomposing like manure or compost. In order to solve this you'll need to "think like a fly". Look for areas nearby where they might be breeding. This could be anything from a dairy barn to fish processing plant, etc. They are not just coming out of the woods. You can probably restrict your search to a few hundred yards. Once you identify the source you may be able to eliminate it. In the case of a commercial plant you may need to work with the plant manager and come up with a fly management plan. Simply trying to control the adult flies as they arrive at your kennel won't work. You need to find their source - the breeding site. Good luck.
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As instructed in the Pet Forum where you also posted, you can hang plastic bags half filled with water. Movements of people and animals in the area are reflected in the lens created by the water in the bags. Even if the fly is too far from the action to see it directly, it can still see a shifting of light and dark reflected in the water bag. Flies interpret this as movement, which they do not like, and they fly away. Don't forget to replenish water in bags as needed.
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As JD says, when approaching fly problems, it is always best if you can find a source.

Is this kennel an actual building? I'm just wondering where you have the flylight situated. If it is placed outside, you'll catch flies by the millions - but really are just attracting them to the kennel. Even if the light is inside, insects will be attracted to it from the outside if you can see it through windows. As far as baits/traps go, there are some decent ones out there, but again, you wouldn't want it near the kennel as you would just be attracting them more. Perhaps the flies are just attracted to the dog waste in the kennel itself. You say they are houseflies, are you sure? Or do they have more of a metallic shiny appearance? When the kennel is cleaned daily, is the floor powerwashed, or just kind of shovelled clean?


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