I might have a skunk under the deck


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Unhappy I might have a skunk under the deck

I was outside today digging in my garden about 10 feet from the deck. As the wind started blowing in my direction, I smelled what I'm afraid may be a skunk.

There certainly is space for something to crawl under the deck (4-5" in a couple of places), but I've not tried to put a barricade around it as it's 30 feet long. I figured I might have a few bunnies, and just let it go. It never occurred to me that I might get a skunk!

I also noticed mounding of my grass in various places in the back yard that is probably moles, so they may both be there feasting off the grubs that I suspect are also there (I tried treating last summer).

For the skunk, do I have any options other than professional pest control? How can I confirm if there really is one there? I will probably have to give in and get a lawn service to treat the yard for grubs; maybe the moles will go away once they are gone?

Thanks for all help and suggestions,
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As for the moles, most say you can get "worm oil" at a fish bait store and put it in their hole under the trap. They will dig the trap right out of the ground trying to find the worms. If you have never used the traps get someone who has experience with them to show you how to use them, and be sure to keep children away from them.

As for the skunk, if you had a regular camper, I believe you would know it. You probably had a visitor. They hunt at night, so the best way to get rid of them is to wait till they have left after dark and seal all entry ways so they cannot return. Rabbits also forage at night, so the same applies to them. If either have babies, they may dig under and still get in to the babies. In that case, you may need professional help.

W.A. McCormick
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Thumbs up You're right; only a visitor

Thanks for your response. I was so worried about what was under there that I broke down and called a nuisance control company Friday night. It was more expensive than I thought, but the peace of mind was worth it. He pulled up a few boards and had his dogs sniff around and they didn't find anything. He said that it was probably a transient critter, as he could see multiple well-worn paths where things were getting in.

Once I was certain I wouldn't get sprayed in the face, I crawled around on the ground today with a flashlight and got a good look all underneath the deck to make sure there wasn't anything in the center (guy couldn't really pull boards there). I then bought these plastic flower bed guards that one hammers into the soil and put them down about 3 inches into the soil. Some of the larger holes I actually had to hammer in an additional short section behind the first so nothing could tunnel underneath.

I've plugged holes near the deck support posts with concerete paver segments. This is on 3 sides, and I've left the 4th side as the escape route for now. I need a few more pavers, and some night this week I will close off the area for good. What a relief!
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Skunk - Put a temporary light under the deck.

Hi... If they come back... easy... just put a light under the deck for a while. They do not like light so they will move elsewhere... I know to easy to be true but it works.

Let us know.
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another way is to throw mothballs under the deck.. coons, skunks, rats, possum, and other rodents do not like the smell and will vacate the premise..
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