Groundhog under our front porch

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Groundhog under our front porch

I thought I'd gotten rid of the groundhog living under our front porch last year by repeatedly blocking his access holes with bricks and sprinkling some critter ridder.
Now that spring is here, it appears that his kin has taken up residency under there once again. This one is smarter in that soon after I block his access, he digs another one in a different location.
I have tried to trap him for relocation, but he is'nt tempted by the usual peanutbutter and apple bait.
Any suggestions?

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Are you sure it's a groundhog and not some other critter?

Try oatmeal cookies as bait.

Otherwise, if you keep blocking access, he will eventually get discouraged and go elsewhere. You just have to be more persistent than he is.
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Place the trap as close to the groundhog's entrance as possible. If there is more than one entrance, cover the remaining holes to force the groundhog to use the hole nearest the trap. You may have to board up or screen most of the area to force the groundhog to the trap. Apples, melons, and peaches are good bait. Place pieces outside of the trap to tempt the groundhog to enter the trap for more. Relocate at least a mile from home.

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