Bumbles bees in huge numbers

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Bumbles bees in huge numbers

My porch has been invaded by huge bumble bees and they are in a huge colony, they fly all day during daylight and you can hear them working inside the porch framing underneath so much you can be many feet away and hear it. I down many with a spray but there are too many. Thye are underneath what is about 20 foot of wood all along my porch. I went at night and plugged some of the holes but they went into other holes. I sprayed inside some of holes with a spray and it didnt effect them at all.
There are as many as 40-50 at one time just hanging out around one hole.
What can I do? I cannot even use this porch or the door that goes out there.
Any hekp would be appreciated.
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Get a professional out there to spray. I had a colony of yellowjackets in the roof soffit that made their way down to a 2nd floor bedroom. A local bee company came out and sprayed. They were gone within a week and I didn't see any the rest of the year. Though this may be something you have to do on a regular basis if the location is a good spot for bees. The next year another colony moved in at my house.
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they're not bumble bees - they're CARPENTER bees. read more about them here: http://www.pestproducts.com/carpenterbees.htm .

they bore holes in wood & lay their eggs there.

once you get rid of them, plug all holes & paint the wood.
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Thanks! But I see them going in and out of any hole they can and do not see sawdust anywhere. I am looking over that site right now. Thanks!
I was about to tear the borad lose and go for it but a neighbor told me they will sitng me to death.... yikes. This site says only the female can sting.
I will read on. Thanks so much
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Carpenter bee holes are perfectly round and about the size of your finger. The bees tunnel into wood, most often untreated or unpainted, where they lay their eggs. You will need to puff insecticide dust into holes. Sprays will not reach inside the tunnels. Holes need to be plugged with glue and wooden dowels or wood putty to prevent reinfestation.

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