Rodent? Squeeking noise in the ceiling?

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Rodent? Squeeking noise in the ceiling?

I just recently moved back home with my mother. Tonight is my first night in my bedroom here. My sister used to stay in this room before she moved out. Apparently she had experienced the same thing while living here.

Tonight I was watching TV in my bedroom, and I heard a scurrying sound coming from above. A high pitched squeeking noise accompanied this sound of scurrying. This started a few hours ago and it's very intermittent. It's not the scurrying sound that's getting on my nerves, it's the squeeking/chirping noise, which is much more apparent.

I've been trying to get a recording with a voice recorder, but I haven't been able to. I'll post the recording if I'm able to get one. The squeeking noise, when it's happening, is VERY constant, and quite loud, lasting about 2-3 minutes, then stops it altogether. After a few minutes it starts again.

I am not the type of person who will put up with this sort of thing. I was very close to pulling off the light fixture in the ceiling and looking around for whatever it is, but I figured I should look for some help first.

Any exterminators in this forum have any ideas as to what this pest is, and how I can get rid of it? I had a summer job with an exterminator while I was a teenager, and from what I can guess, it has to be reasonably sized rodent to make such a noticeable squeeking noise.

Just a PS, there are bats in this area, I can see them flying by my window. Any possiblity it could be a bat stuck in the ceiling?
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One thing you really wanna look for is if there are any major holes or damage to the siding on your house. You might even want to check your roof and see if there's a hole there as well. We had a problem with birds or something like that getting into our walls earlier. Since then, we had the siding repaired on the house and haven't heard anything since. It could be birds or even a bat in your ceiling.
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If you have bats in the attic, they will be out feeding at night. Mice and rats can scurry and squeak. Trapping is the best option. If you have rodent infestation, then this should be investigated. Their urine and dropping pose a health hazard and can ruin insulation. If DIY control is not your cup of tea, then a professional exterminator should be called. Do not use poisons or baits inside for fear of dead rodents which may take weeks or months for odor problem to disappear.

Identification of the pest is the first step. Identifying entries is the second. Once pests have been removed, seal all possible entries. Pests can enter in openings around where pipes and wires enter structure, through louvers in gable end vents, through gaps in soffit and fascia, gaps in foundation, or around windows and doors.

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