Raccoon invastions

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Raccoon invastions

After reading the entire Outdoor Pest & Wildlife Control thread, I didn't see anyone else with the same situation as myself. Raccoons have been coming in the house via a cat door. I know, to most, the easiest answer would be to lock the cat door. No can do. The cat that uses the door is semi-feral and locking it inside is extremely traumatic. Locking it out prevents fast get-a-ways from larger predators.

I have removed all food sources and am trying the pepper spray tonight. The cat door accesses the mud room/laundry area and I have concidered letting the dogs sleep in there a few nights, but I know how nasty raccoons can be and I really don't want a big vet. bill right now.

All through the thread are suggestions for using moth balls on smaller critters, which may or may not work. I read elsewhere that amonia, blood meal, or a radio might also work. However, raccoons adapt rather quickly to most anything.
With all this in mind,

Do I try all suggested solutions in a random order to keep the raccoon guessing or does anyone have any suggestions that fall just short of the .22 in the closet? I am hoping to use the .22 as a last resort type option.

Thanks in advance!!

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Info available on ths website: http://doityourself.com/wildlife/raccoons.htm
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You can also get a cat door that is controlled by a little radio tag on your cat's collar. It will open when your cat comes up to it but will otherwise stay locked.
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Thanks for the link. Surprisingly, it was that page that led me to the forums in the 1st place. The collar idea from Rrainea has definete possibilities. I will have to do a search and surf. I am on the 2nd night of cayenne pepper and so far so good. I think I will switch up tomorrow night, and try one of the other tactics. Seems the trick is to keep them guessing.

Thanks for the help. If you run across anything else please post!
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mothballs around your perimeter.. they really don't like the smell of mothballs... keeps them away! not sure what the cat will think of it..
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Hi everyone. Thanks for the ideas both here and in the Private Mail section. The raccoons have taken care of themselves, though not without a semi funny ending! I keep cat food in the 5 gallon restaurant style buckets with tight sealing lids. One raccoon had managed to get one of these buckets open. I must not have had the lid on tight all the way around! I resealed the bucket and put it back on the 7ft. high shelf where it is kept and forgot about it. several nights later, I heard a huge crashing noise come from that part of the house. Went I went to investigate, the bucket was on the floor and one of my dogs was on point! There have been no more raccoon invassions. I guess they scared themselves half to death.

I had sent an email to a friend that works for the Calif. Dept. of Fish and Game. She said, "I would try the old stand bys. This is a common issue in the mountains. Eventually, residents modify cat doors, locking doors or purchasing an automatic release in the door that is on the cat collar.(Thanks to the person sending the electronic cat door links. I think this the way I am going to go! Afterwards put ammonia by the door. These are nuisance raccoons and likely would not be subject to removal.
If a raccoon can get into a trash can, so can a bear. I would recommend building a small structure for trash, better store inside. Trash should be kept inside or secure (bear wise). Keep smelly trash in the freezer, put down the garbage disposal and dispose of frequently. Elliminate outside food sources. There is alot of information on the web.
PS Be careful of raccoon feces, do not touch bury aware from drainages.

And, be careful with the mothballs, though a cheap and seemingly easy solution, mothballs can be toxic to pets and wildlife. Blue jays love to grab them and fly off too. a container that birds and animals can't get into but allows all the mothball yukky smell to still permeate the area might work.Thanks again

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coyote/fox urine

I read somewhere that fox or coyote urine works on numerous wildlife such as coon,deer,and others.I have bought fox urine I will let you know how it works.Something is eating my watermelon vines and tomatoe foliage.

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