I guess I have "borers"

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I guess I have "borers"

A friend of mine who knows only a little about trees came over and looked at my dying Magnolia tree. All of a sudden this spring it started looking bad. She saw all the telltale holes in the tree and knew what it was. Bores. I need to know what to spray the Magnolia tree with. Also, I have a dogwood that I got to looking at, and it looks like it is infested as well. I haven't gotten to look at my walnut tree, but I guess I might as well spray it to be on the safe side. Is there one spray I can use for all three trees? If not, please tell me what to use on each tree. I hate to lose any of them. It may be too late, but it's worth a try. (I don't know if it matters but I live in Springfield Missouri)

Thanks for all the good help I always get at doityourself.com!
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Borers are the larvae, or immature stage, of certain moths and beetles. They tunnel through bark to feed on wood. They destroy plant tissue, which causes girdling, branch dieback, structural decline, and eventual death of trees and shrubs. They rarely attack a healthy tree, but seek out trees stressed from drought, soil compaction, or injuries that may have weakened the tree. There are residual insecticide sprays that can be used on trees to prevent infestation. Once borers have entered the tree they can not be reached with spray. You may want to consider having an arborist take a look at your trees to determine a course of action and to determine if it's too late for your trees.

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