bugs......lots of them

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bugs......lots of them

in the middle of building an addition on my house. recently i have noticed a lot of spiders (daddy long legs type) i realize im probably disturbing their homes as i tear off old siding to prepare for new. anyway to get rid of them or at least reduce their numbers.
also noticed a recent invasion of small black centipede type bugs. about an inch long, black. not sure what they are or how to rid my home of them. the basement is damp but this is something new this year.
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A regular perimeter residual insecticide application will keep insects at bay. These insecticides are only effective for several days. Foundation and soil along perimeter of home should be treated.

Exclusion is the best control for insect pests to keep them out of the home. Make sure all doors and windows properly seal when closed. Caulk and openings around windows and doors. Check door thresholds to make sure there are no openings beneath. Seal any openings around where pipes and wires enter home and seal in cracks or openings in foundation.

To prevent damp basements which attracts certain pests. Slope soil aware from foundation to direct away excess water. Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear and carry water away from structure. Draining gutters into drains several feet from foundation is more effective than splash guards. Reduce humidity in basement with dehumidifier. Run fans to improve air circulation. A residual insecticide sprayed along where basement walls and floor meet can offer control. Sticky traps are often effective for the occasional pest. For infestations, calling a professional exterminator is recommended. They have access to more powerful chemicals than are available to homeowners at retail centers.

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