Squirrel in my Attic#2

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Squirrel in my Attic#2

I apologize for being redundant about rodents in the attic but....
About 3 weeks ago I realized I had a problem with squirrels, I think, because I heard it chewing at about 10 or so at night.....went out on the roof the next day and covered the hole in the soffit with metal lath. then went up in the attic, marked the ends of the chew marks on the wood with a permanant marker, stuffed the hole from the inside with a couple of 2x4s (was looking for a temprary fix at least)
Then a day or two later, I noticed a chew hole on a soffit on the other side of the house that has been exposed by a gutter being pulled down from ice dams. Went up to the corresponding spot, could actually see the little guy from inside the attic, and I sprayed him with Windex ( also works on glass), then I went out he next day and bought a HAvahart. I have checked the attic almost daily since then, the chew marks have not grown, there is nothin in the trap, the bait is still there, the new hole I discoverd has not changed...but now Im afraid of there being little babies up there, I don't want mommy coming back in for them, or them dying inside the house. If there are babies, would they have left the house by now?
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Trapping is the best way to get squirrels out of attic. Boarding up entries tends to get the fur stirred up and they will create new ones, especially if there are babies left in the attic. Squirrels usually stay in the nest or close to it until they are about three months old. By then, the mother may likely be well on her way to having another litter.


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Hi Jerry,

I realize it's been a long time since you posted this, but I just discovered your post. I'm hoping you have resolved your squirrel problem.

You've already gotten some great advice about removal and control. What I want to share I hope you will take VERY seriously.

In the house behind mine, I watched daily as squirrels went in and out of my neighbor's attic. I went to his house and told the elderly gentleman about them. He did nothing. A year later he passed away and someone new moved in. They remodeled the house with new siding, windows, paint, carpet, etc. We became friends and she even brought a couple of toads from her yard to live in my garden. Then one night about a year later I couldn't sleep and got up to watch tv in the living room. As I entered the room there was a lovely orange glow. Their house was on fire and the flames were leaping out of the roof!!! I began screaming out the door and my hubby called 911. It was 2 am and the coldest night of the year. Luckily all got out safely thanks to the smoke detectors. The firefighters said the cause of the fire was the chewed wires in the attic. PLEASE have every inch of wire checked in the attic once the squirrels are removed. I warned someone else and they did find chewed wires.

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Better safe than sorry. Thanks for pointing out the importance of checking wires for damage.
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Have a short story. Me against 4 squirrels in a drop ceiling in a comercial two story building. As you can see i was out numbered. I placed several mechanical snap traps, thinking they were rodents. Next day found one trap tripped and no victim. One trap had been chewed through from the back side, he was trying to get to the peanut butter. I trimmed the limbs that were touching the building. The squirrels would then jump from the tree to the corner of the building and straddle the corner and shimmy up to the soffit. I climbed the latter and patched the hole. Two days later, they were back. I used the havaheart traps and caught three of them, yeah your right there were 4. The last smart one was going to be difficult. You see, he had seen the traps and saw what they did and stayed away from them. I went to lunch and thought of a better bait. I then went back and used my secret bait, and low and behold the very next day i had my final prize. When inspected the drop ceiling the squirrel had ripped apart a 12" flex duct to the a/c unit and left it looking like a skeleton. All that was left was the wire. So have this checked also.
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