Non-staining Yellow Jacket Spray?

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Non-staining Yellow Jacket Spray?

Yellow jackets love to build nests behind our shutters and under our eaves. We just got our house painted. I do not want to spray Raid on it because it leaves an oily spot.

Does anyone know of any yellow jacket spray that will not stain the house?

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Look for a waterbased formulation. It will say on label. Or what about having some detergent ready in one of those hose end sprayers. Then treat the nest and after wasps are gone spray down the area with the soap. Shouldnt leave residue after that.
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It is unusual for yellow jackets to nest on the side of the house. They usually nest in the ground, but have been known to nest in wall voids.

For a photo of a yellow jacket nest on the side of a house:

Yellow jacket stings can be life threatening. They are very defensive of their nests, so proceed with caution. A professional is recommended if you or any of your family members are allergic to bee stings.

The yellow jackets will not use that nest again. If you can leave the nest until fall, the queens will leave and the rest of the wasps will naturally die off. The nest has been in place for a while now, and no one has been stung. Chances of leaving it until frost without anyone getting stung are pretty good.
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I prefer to use soapy water as a wasp killer. The soap is just effective as raid or any of the insecticides on the market. And it is milder on the environment.

And it's true about leaving the nest in place. At least it is with paper wasps. They won't come back.

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Thanks for the info. That's interesting that you said yellow jackets don't nest on the sides of houses. They've been doing it the whole 5 years that we've been here. Perhaps my bugs are not yellow jackets. That's what everyone around here calls them, but maybe they're some other kind of wasp.

They are black and yellow striped, have long dangly back legs like a wasp, and are extremely aggressive and defensive. They'll chase after you even if you're not near their nest.

Luckily, nobody in our family has been stung yet. We've battled them in the past with Raid. This has been successful. However, now that the house is freshly painted, I don't want Raid wrecking it. So, I'll try spraying them with soap and water.
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sounds like a mud dauber? The female will overwinter and make a new nest next year, maybe on your house again. Oil based will stain and there are so many different types of wasps and many of them make nest in hidden holes, sides of houses, under eaves, trees etc. The reason why you are getting so many each year is probably because the queen is overwintering by your house and your house is set-up good for nests. A repellant spray under eaves and possible nesting sites will keep them off if applied early and middle of summer. YOu might want to call a professional and get the wasps identified for sure.

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