Mice in house

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Mice in house

Do mice go outside of the house in the summer?We have had them in our house but do not notice them too much in the summer.Can they tolerate the summer heat in the attic?Just asking because I want to close up any remaining entrances that are not closed up yet and don"t want them to be "locked inside".Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanx!
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Oh ya its amazing they can take the heat. I recently trapped 7 of them in a very hot attic during the afternoon. However they are mainly nocturnal so the attic is not as hot as it is during the daytime. They mainly come in for 2 reasons. Shelter and to have a family.

Anyhow....close the remaing holes and place some snap traps just inside the attic hatch. This will catch any that are still up there. If you patch the holes you wont have to worry about them again.

Skip the poisons in the attic.
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this year, i notice some of them inside my home and i been using some traps and they work good, i never had them b4 till now, what else can i do to stop them??
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As mentioned in my above post, check around the exterior and try to close up as many holes as possible such as plubing lines going into walls, etc.

This will help keep them out and you can trap the remaing ones inside. If they keep coming back you may have missed a hole. Sometimes it is impossible to close every hole though.
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I never thought I had mice until I redid my attic. I never used the room because it must have been 120 degrees up there in the dead of summer. But the attic is rather large and is consided 2 bedrooms and I really needed the space.

But when I desided to redo the room , I ripped down all the dry wall and o my god. I almost died of shock. There must have been 100's of tunnels going through the old wool insulation and billions of mice terds, no joke.

I could not tell anyone else in the house and luckly it was so hot up there no one else would come up while re-modeling. If anyone else knew about them we would have had to sell.

What I did was first go outside and find all possible holes that could let the mice in. Do not let any holes pass you by. When I was a kid, we had mice in the house as small as 3/4 of an inch big and they can get through the tinyest holes. Anyhow I did find where they were coming in. It was through the roof, there was a big hole in the capping.
But first I went out and bought some of those Green cube poison things, I don't remember the name of them. But they are about an inch big and they are green. What they do is, when the mice eat them, the mice get trusty and head out-side to find water. When they drink the water they dye. After about a week and seeing that they were eaten I filled in the hole.
Now I have access holes behind the dry wall so I can check on the mice. But never had a problem since then.

If you do want to check and find out if you still have mice, place a small bag of potato chips in the area and open the bag just a tiny little bit. I guess you could use any type of food, but Mice love potato chips. Leave that bag sit for a bit and if you have mice they will eat. They will eat holes in the bag to get top those chips. Only do this just to double check to see if all the mice are gone.

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while remodeling a house for a young couple, they found mice. because of children and pets, they didn't want to use traos or posion. remembering what my grandfather used on the farm, i mixed up a batch of oatmeal and cement for them. the mice eat the mix which blocks their sytem and they die. only problem is the smell in a house, outside this works great.

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