fleas in my house


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fleas in my house

We've had fleas in our house for the last two months. Got new carpet two months ago and have treated dog with Advantage flea prevention medicine since before we got new carpet throughout. The dog is a 7 lb poodle. We have done the candle in sudsy water at night which might have helped minimally, very minimally. We have used 20 Team Mule Borax sprinkled over the carpets and furniture. We have also used foggers and pest spray for fleas inside and on the ground outside where the dog "goes to do her bathroom business" and WE STILL HAVE FLEAS. What else can we try. I feel like we're fighting a no win battle. Got any ideas????
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Foggers will only kill live fleas. The eggs remaining in carpet will hatch out and reinfest the home. Using products that contain a contact insecticide along with an insect growth regulator (listed under active ingredients as methoprene or fenoxycarb) seem to provide the best results. A professional exterminator can be called for flea control.

When vacuuming discard the bag when through. Place in plastic trash bag and tie it up. Vacuum frequently. Wash or discard dog bedding. Make sure dog has not fleas. Remember, you can bring fleas indoors yourself on pant legs and socks.
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I had the same problem. I vaccumed every morning, then I would walk the floors with white socks on to get what didn't come up, which got me through the day pretty good, but the next morning, there would be hundreds more. The only thing I could do to get rid of them was rent a Rug Doctor, and bought the Rug Doctor Flea Killer to use in it. I never saw another flea till the next summer, did it again, worked again! Cost about $30!
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If you go the fogger or spray route make sure they specifically mention that they kill flea eggs and /or larvae.There are a few on the market for the purpose but most are not.The mention of growth regulator is often on these products labels and there are foggers within this mix.Regardless plan on a "fogger program" in which you respray at least three seperate times approx 7-10 days apart to address various hatchings and generations of fleas.A one time application is not enough and because fleas can lay eggs in the cracks in your floor and other out of the way or inaccessible places no product is a sure bet.Outdoor application of insecticide is also very important and must also be applied several times as well as reapplied when weather etc impacts it.

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