How do I get rid of thousand leggers/centipedes?

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Exclamation How do I get rid of thousand leggers/centipedes?

I was wondering how I get rid of thousand leggers I think the proper term for them is centipedes? they are about two inches if not longer with a ton of legs.. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know, it has to be a safe way since I have a baby and pets. thank you!!
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Centipedes can have from ten to over 100 pairs of legs. They prefer damp conditions. Addressing moisture issues inside and around home is important. Make sure soil is sloped away from foundation to direct water away from structure. Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear and direct water away from your struture. Seal all entries from insect pests are very important. Centipedes feed on other insects, so addressing insect control issues is also very important.

Keeping along foundation clear of trash, stones, dead leaves, grass, compost, logs, and boards will eliminate damp hiding places for centipedes. A regular perimeter application of residual insecticide on foundation and along perimeter will tend to keep insect pests at bay. There are insecticides labeled specifically for insecticide control. Check label to make sure that the insecticide specifies the area you want to control. For indoor control sticky traps are often effective.
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I was told sometime ago that centipedes sting. Is this true? I've had some where I am at too.
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Centipedes do sting (or bite?) but not causing people real injury except the 12" Argentinian variety.

As Twelvepole pointed out, centipedes feed on small insects, larva, spiders, etc. They're on our side, working to kill the bugs in the house. We see the centipedes and not their much more populous prey because the centipedes roam far and wide.

I would find out what they're eating, then what *that's* eating, and so on to the source.
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those things creep me the hell out! i am currently staying in my parents basement, and i was seeing them once or twice a day down there, usually as night. i havent seen any lately though, i have done nothing to rectify the situation, besides clean.

i googled this and found out that they like damp and decaying places. i have a bed next to the house which is probably where they are living. one day im going to go over there and clean it up and look into a possible pesticide that wont kill my parents plants

give twelvepole's advice a try and clean up the foundation around your house and see if that helps

edit: wow i just realised this was from 3 yrs ago, sorry! hope you dont have this problem any more. i googled thousand leggers and this was one of the links

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