Have mice!!!

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Have mice!!!

Hey guys..i was looking round the net for the best advise for getting rid of mice, and found this site so thought someone could help me.
We live in a warner house in the upstairs part and have lived here for the past thirteen months.The flat had been done up before we moved in but there are loads of access holes for mice to get in.The first indication of having mice was seing a loaf of bread that had been half eaten that i had left on my kitchen side.I then spotted a mouse running across my living room floor and have since found droppings.I have spotted a mouse five times now and we have been advised that peppermint oil is great for scaring them away.We havent got any yet but have used tin foil to block all the acess holes.We have also brought three ultra sonice devices and put them into the kitchen,spare room and living room.I thought we wouldnt have any more sightings of them as they really scare the life out of me,but I had a m8 come round for a tea and i went out to get the vacuum cleaner from the hallway while he played with my son.When i lifted it up a black mouse legged it towards my living room..all the while i was hoping that my m8 wouldnt see it lol.We think that we have gotten this problem because of the boxes and letters in our spare room.Just wondering if anyone has tried the ultra sonic devices and if so have u witnessed any results??
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Angelic, I have found ultrasonics to be a waste of money, sorry. I'm not sure the peppermint trick will do anything either. If you really want to get rid your mouse problem is to find all entry points and seal them, which you've said you already started. Next you need to catch/bait the exisiting mice in your house. I would recommend using snap traps. The are very effective and affordable. You should buy at least a dozen, bait them with peanut butter and place them along walls or where mice are seen travelling. When placing snap traps along walls - be sure to place the trigger side of the trap against the wall. Mice generally like to run along walls.

If this all fails, you could always hire a professional to take care of them for you.

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