I'm such a girl when it comes to bugs

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I'm such a girl when it comes to bugs

There is another post in this forum dated 02/05/05 titled Indian Meal Worms. I was going to post there, but, well, I just didn't!
I have a similar problem as a couple ppl mentioned in that post.
I bought my house just over 2 years ago and have had those nasty little maggot looking bugs in my cupboards, drawers and will occasionally find one on the counter or the stove.
I read all the posts in the other thread, but I'm not 100% sure that Indian Meal Moths are what I have.
Are those the only moths that lay eggs that result in the nasty little white larva? Or could it be something else? A different kind of moth or maybe not even a moth.
I do see moths in the house, but not often and they are rarely the same size/color. Well, they are almost always mostly grey, but some of them are bigger than what was described in the other thread.
Also, is the webbing that was mentioned eye catching/easily noticable? Because I have never seen anything that looked even remotely like a web. Not in the cupboards/drawers. Or did I read that wrong and the web is where the moths lay their eggs?
I am just sooooooooo grossed out by these things. I keep the house clean, but they were here when I moved in.
I'd also heard that they don't like peppermint extract or Bay leaves. I did test the peppermint, poured a circle of it around a live larva, and it seemed to shy away, when I poured more extract, it killed the larva....but I'm pretty sure it was because I drowned it lol.

#1 So, my questions are: Are Indian Meal Moths the only kind of bug that could be laying the eggs?

#2 How noticable is the webbing and is it found where the larva are laid? or will it be found where the larva travel to?

#3 Has anyone ever heard of the peppermint extract/bay leaf thing?

Also, I did clean the cupboards/drawers thouroughly, vaccuumed and wiped them down w/ hot water and extract.
So what now???

**added. Every time I suspect they are back, I throw away anything that is not sealed in a jar or a can. I don't even bother checking thru it anymore-it's getting expensive!
Also, I find what looks like the outer shell of the larva occasionally, like they shed their skin. Does that help identify if it could be something besides the Indian Meal Moth?

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Hi Sissy,

To answer your questions:

1)No they're not. But it likely is Indian Meal Moths.

2)The webbing isn't terribly noticeable. You have to thoroughly check through your pantry/cupboards to see it. Note, if the problem isn't very bad, you may not notice webbing at all.

3)Never heard of that "old wives tale".

If you're finding them in your kitchen, chances are they are Indian Meal Moths. They like all kinds of dried foods and ingredients(flour, rice, cereal, pet foods, dried flowers, the list goes on....) I would invest in some pheremone traps, they are very effective against this little pest. Along with trapping though, you should investigate where they came from. Perhaps you've got a product in your pantry infested with them. Also look for little worm like creatures - these are the larvae(baby moths, so to speak). They are whitish in colour and about 1/4 - 1/3 inch long. If you find some infested product, get rid of it A.S.A.P.

Good luck,


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