Bee nest underground??

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Bee nest underground??

Never knew that bees were undergound.
Just got a new home and discovered a 2"x2" hole that bees keep
swarming around and going into. already tried wast and hornet killer,
several applications but none in the pm until last night. Now wife says other
holes in lawn, although the only one I have seen is the former hole.
Again I am using the foaming hornet and wasp killer, whcih I would think
also kills the big bumble bees! Question-can there be a nest underground?
Am I treating this the correct way or should I be doing something else?

Thanks All
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bees underground

Yup, different wasps and yellow jackets build in the ground sometimes.

You need to hit the entry hole dirctly with wasp spray. If you do it during the day you'll see returning bees swarming around the hole as they won't pass the poison. I've had 1 or 2 that needed multiple "hits" to kill it. Be ready to RUN when you spray, cuz they can get mean.
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If you're still having problems, I would try an insecticidal dust. I find that a dust will float through a void space (in a hole in the ground or in a wall) much better than any liquid or foaming spray. Thereby getting chemical right to the nest.

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I don't know if this really works as well as they say, but my grandfather always told me, to get rid of a wasps nest pour petrol on it. It's supposed to just make them drop if you hit then directly. I'm afraid I don't know much, because I wasn't allowed outside when they got rid of wasps nests... So yeah, that's pretty much all I know about wasps and bees, except that they really hurt when you step on them and they sting you between the toes. Man! is that painful!
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Wait until its almost dark, 1 cup of kerosene and a match... Pour it in the hole, take 2 steps back and drop a match on it. Make sure you are away from anything that burns easily.

edit: don't use gas, it has too high a flashpoint.
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Do not pour gasoline or petroleum into nests. This will not only arouse bees but will pollute the water table. Aerosol sprays are also not recommended because they will arouse bees. A powdered insecticide puffed into hole at dusk when bees have returned for the evening is most effective.
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Yellow jackets, more then likely yellow jackets. They can sting multiple times.

Wait till dusk. You can use a dust like Sevin that the bees drag back in.

Smoke bombs work. Or simply keep the holes covered for a few weeks and bees will starve to death.

Only the queen survives the cold of winter and starts all over again else where.

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Yellow jackets are nasty buggers, sting you just because they can and unlike honeybees can do it more than once. Out my camp we had a serious problem with these. Had so many hornets they chased us right out. I had an old bug zapper (the flourecent light kind) and hung a piece of raw steak in it. Because yellowjackets are meat eaters they try to get at the meat and zap. Worked great. Took a day or two but cleaned them out. After we raked up the leaves we counted over fifteen nest holes just around the deck.

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