Please help get rid of these crickets !

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Please help get rid of these crickets !

These crickets are driving me crazy! I think it is one cricket in particular, but his family joins right in & helps him... must have sleep.... must have sleep....

Any suggestions for eliminating this problem? I prefer to use something that I can mix here at home, but will purchase a pesticide if necessary.

Thanks & here's to a good night sleep for me !

Sleepless in Virden, IL
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There is no home remedy that I know. You would do better to try a residual spray. A thorough job along all the baseboards on the interior of the home should be effective. Along with this you can do a spray on the outside along the base of the foundation to help keep them out to begin with.

If you dont want to use chemicals you can purchase gluetraps and place them around the house. They are usually effective at catching various insects.

Another thing you can try is to do a good inspection on the outside of the house for any cracks/holes that the crickets may be using to enter. This is easier said than done.

Good luck,

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wow... I had forgotten I had posted this request for help almost a year ago !!!

Anyway... they're bbbbaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkk !!! Yes, that cricket family ! Maybe they think of our yard as their summer vacation !

This year, I bought a gallon jug w/an attached hose pump sprayer. I think it's called OrthoMax or something like that. It seems to work pretty well, but have to apply it every 4 days or so.

Bought a bag of Hi-Yield Lawn & Garden Insect killer. Have to use a drop spreader for it though. Hope my neighbor is home tonight :-) so I can borrow his !

btw, they are not getting in the house, they must just like the grass outside.
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If you got all of the holes sealed last time, they'll stay out of the house. Even outside, they irritate me - probably because I'm still reliving the time when they were inside and almost drove me nuts. The granular outside should take care of most of your problems.
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A residual insecticide should be used. After it dries a residue remains that is effective. Rain and heavy dew call for reapplication. Sealing for exclusion is the best cricket control.
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Crickets are a member of the **** roach family so use any bait that is effective on roaches.

I like Niban or Maxforce/Combat granular.

If the OrthoMax is an EC product that would explain why you have to respray every four days.

You need to be using either a WP or CS/SC formulated product

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