know any natural repellents fot insects?

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know any natural repellents fot insects?

Hi all,
This is my first in the forum....Have only discovered this site today and have found it to be very useful and interesting.

Does anyone out there know of a natural repellents (that actually work) for moths; crickets and christmas beetles?..They are driving me bananas. Managed to keep the mozzies at bay with the citronella candles.

Looking forward to hearing from you all
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Re: know any natural repellents for insects?

Hi Snowrose! I'm sentrase. I found a natural insect killer that I use for ants & aphids. It doesn't repel them, but it kills them just fine.
I put water in a spray bottle & add some vegetable oil (less than 1 tsp should do it) & dish soap to it. I've tried many different amounts of each ingredient to see what combination works best. I found that the more dish soap I use, the faster it kills insects, & the bigger the insect I can kill. But with more soap in it, makes it inconvenient because if you shake up the bottle, the soap will clog the sprayer. It won't though, if you just add about 2 tsp.
Also, it's not a good idea to use the oil to spray plants on a hot day.
Using this insect killer, I've accidentally sprayed spiders with it & it killed them, so maybe if you increase the soap & oil, using less water, it might kill your bugs.
I hope this helps you! Good luck!
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Turning off outdoor lights and closing blinds and draperies will keep moths at a minimum, as they are attracted to light. The spiders know this, so they weave their webs near light fixtures and in windows to trap them.

Keep weeds and grass cut short to discourage crickets. Remove any debris, stack of wood, brush, etc. that may provide hiding and breeding places for crickets.

Christmas beetles tend to be a major pest in Australia. They are difficult to control because their larvae feed on roots in the soil and are resistant to many insecticides. They are particularly attracted to eucalyptus. Large groups of beetles can remove the canopy from trees.

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