Mice! Ready to give up...

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Mice! Ready to give up...

OK, what if you've tried for almost a year... and they are still here! Months can go by and we never see one... then there will be one/two....then we trap them...then 4 months.... then one... then all of the sudden one/two/three...then 4 more months... What if you just can't figure out where they are getting in, the house is just too big & too old to figure out where or trap at every spec of your house.. i'm sure there is a nest.. can't find it... i'm exhausted with stress and thinking my house is just disgustingly pest infested and who knows what they ran over/across, how do you clean EVERYTHING, EVERY DAY... Is it just time for an exterminator (which is probably going to cost a fortune).. Thanks for listening!
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For severe mouse infestation, perhaps a call to an exterminator is your best bet. They can locate entries and seal them for you. They can also advise where and how many traps should be located. If locating all entries and sealing is beyond your DIYer skills, then it's time for a pro.
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Thank you so much for your advice!
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People have different tolerance levels, of course. Some people would not have a problem with catching mouse or two every 2/3 months.

Obviously, in your case there is somewhere where they are getting in from the outside. And catching them is getting you nowhere.

It sounds like you are at the end of your rope, and I personally think that it is time for you to hire a pro. You could probably get a company into your house for under a couple hundred bucks. I would call around a few companies and get some quotes & guarantees.

Good luck,

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Mouse problems

You have my sympathy with the mouse infestation!
I had this problem a few years ago. Had never seen a mouse then all of a sudden they were everywhere! I wanted to MOVE!

The traps were snapping continuously and since I do not do mice well, I was constantly calling someone to come and dispose of them!

I purchased those things you plug into the wall outlets. They make a tiny clicking noise but I guess the sound waves they generate affect the little creatures and keep them away. I don't know if it's guaranteed, but I do know that they have not been seen (or any 'signs' of them) since I plugged these things in.

I do also keep dcon in my basement landing. I see droppings occasionally there, but I figure if they don't come into my living quarter area, I can deal with that.

My stress level was peaked to the point of just about losing my mind!

Hopefully your problem has been solved by now, but if not, I'd recommend these little fixtures.
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Just remember a mouse can crawl through a hole the size of a nickel.

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